24 April 2008

It's On: No Excuses

The first of the final five episodes of LOST Season 4 starts tonight and toes are already tingling. For those who have never seen the show, want to start watching it, but deem it too much of a commitment: Good news. Blogger and all around good guy defective yeti has done the math for you. No more excuses:
"The final episode of LOST Season 4 will be #82. After that there will be two more seasons, each with 16 episodes. The premiere of LOST Season 4 was in mid-January, 2008. Let's assume that the final season starts in mid-January of 2010. At that point, 98 episodes will have aired. So, what's January 15, 2010, minus 98 weeks?

Answer: February 29, 2008.

So: if you've never seen LOST, you can start from the pilot now, view one episode a week (with 7-8 double-headers), finish right before the start of season 6, and see the remaining installments in real time, thereby watching the entire series without hiatus." Wow.

If you still don't have that kind of time, here's a complete recap of the ENTIRE series in 4 minutes, 24 seconds....


Michelle said...

I'm poppin' the popcorn and cracking a beer!

KT said...

I am so hooked on Lost. It's like visual crack. I'm NOT answering my phone today because I have last night's episode on TiVo! DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING! KJ, thanks for this update! Hope to catch up with your curly-self real soon.

lpd said...

Can't wait for tonight. Giddy all day at the thought..