11 January 2010

And in the End...

(Rolling out)

My last post was October 29th? Really?

It’s official. The PU can’t go back to being what it once was. After this past year, it’s just too awkward a segue.

I've tried but I can't conjure the universe of yore, pre-2009: Extemporaneous musings on whatever the pointy finger was trained upon, be it Dunkin' Donuts or Mixed Tapes. Random Quizzillas, Suppah Clubs, Wee Brown shenanigans, Vito Video, Cream Shop Fridays, Rants on current events, etc.

But if I’ve learned anything this year, it's that the energy goes where it's needed most.

I started the PU in June 2005 as a respite from the daily shit show. I'd just moved to the suburbs. I freelanced at home with a one and a two year old (and no sitter). I'd been chronicling my daily observations in notebooks and journals since I was old enough to spell, but this type of writing was different. Being so isolated, I needed a way to plug in, and the PU provided the perfect outlet.

Also, at age 35, I felt like my life and the lives of my friends were on some life-altering cusp. We had one foot in the adult world, the other one stubbornly entrenched in a more youthful one. During this time, we essentially lived two lives: One about family life: We get married, have kids, buy homes and go to BJ's Wholesale Club. The other about the craic: We mainline bowls of loud mouth soup in town and act out, sing Beatles songs, and kitchen dance on Nantucket vacations. Such transition naturally gives rise to introspection, analysis, and ridiculous situations. For me, the PU became a way to celebrate the small joys during this time. And to rage against the incurious. I also had a million laughs connecting with people the only way I really know how.

As a bonus, I made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I acquired some new sparring partners and had a crash course in Shoebox philosophy more valuable than any degree. I conversed with regular readers and butted heads with more than a few angry trolls. I've been insulted and inspired, but mostly inspired. Somewhere along the way I learned anything can be solved or celebrated with a bottle of red wine and a kitchen chinwag.

Now, I'm on the other side of the cusp. In the past year, I beat cancer, celebrated my 10th year wedding anniversary and turned 40 in a blow-out party (thank you). And so far the view from this side is awesome.

That said, I feel the PU has reached its natural end. Five years is a good run. I'm tempted to say I'm taking some time off to be with my family but that statement in 2010 sounds like I'm covering up a a sex scandal involving Nutella fudge and a hidden camera. In the coming months, I am going to focus on some new work assignments and writing projects. And of course, James, the wee brown ones and Vito. The energy is going where it's needed most.

I WILL launch another blog. The drive to document hasn't waned, it just needs to change shape. If you care in the slightest, please subscribe to this site and you’ll be pinged with any updates -- and possibly a new link or muse.

Wishing you so much peace and joy in 2010 that you have to unbutton your pants and be cut out of your winter coat with fabric shears.

Signing off for now.

With love,