08 December 2008

Paulie Outs Santa at First Christmas Party of the Season

Paulie was psyched but suspicious from the get go when he heard Santa was going to stop by Jess's holiday party.  In a full-on pre-Santa lather, the kids peeked outside looking for reindeer, their ears pressed against the windows listening for jingle bells of Santa's sleigh.  But then there was Paulie, the four-year-old skeptic.  Well, not so much a skeptic as an intense observer who can uncannily identify the slightest features of the most random places and things. And in doing so, calls the situation as he sees it.   For instance, he can predict who will be at the park because he recognizes the cars of each one of his friends' parents.  He can pick out someone in a mad crowd at Hannaford just by their sneakers.  He constantly brags to other people that he and his friend Bags have the same Spiderman underwear.   Earlier in party, Paulie had chatted with Jess's dad, (who is also named Paul) in the kitchen. He loves Jess's dad and said he couldn't wait to show "his friend Paul" the "Asking Santa" app on the iPhone.  Therefore, it only made sense that Paul would become the focus of Paulie's intense observation throughout the course of the evening.  So, when Santa arrived, all the kids lost their minds over the possibility of presents. But Paulie peppered him with questions instead:  "Where are your reindeer?"  "How did you get here?" "Are you Santa's brother?" But then Paulie looked down at Santa's shoes and -- like Shaggy unmasking the improbable villian on Scooby Doo -- pointed and shouted. "That's not Santa! That's my friend Paul!  Those are his shoes!"  We tried to prevent him from further foiling the situation, but as long as the kids got presents, none seemed to care if they came from Santa or Paulie's friend Paul.    


BAGS said...

Other questions Paulie answered:
1) Where does Santa live - Marshfield
2) What does Santa drive - A BMW

He has great interrogation techniques for CSI Hanover.

Code Red said...

I was pissed that Santa (aka Paulie's friend Paul)didn't bring me ear plugs and a flask of gin! :)

KJ said...

Yes, Bags, we'll pick you up a fresh pack of Lightning McQueen tighties for those comments. Paulie now believes Marshfield is a town at the North Pole. :)
I've told more lies this week, including one about spotting an elf in the parking lot of CVS.

Annie-I still laugh out loud whenever I get a vision of you wading through the throngs of kids, all crazy-eyed" "Where is the WINE!!"

bg said...

Oh wow that is excellent. I'm sorry we weren't there to see Santa and the subsequent interrogation. I'm playing Santa at a family party this Saturday, so I know now to change my shoes!

Roving Lemon said...

Uh oh. I think you have an investigative reporter in the making there.

lpd said...

When James lost interest in Santa Paul, he left the room without receiving his gift. A gaggle of small girls chased him around all night, very concerned that James hadn't opened his gift yet, and desperate to know what was in that $@#$@ box. James finally caved to the peer pressure to find what we think is a dog toy, The Giggle Ball. He then kicked it at some little girl's shin. Nice.

PS My word verification code today is "huge dis" heh heh heh