21 April 2009

Hermetically Sealed, Hermit-Like

(It was only a matter of time)

I thought I'd finally adjusted to the undercurrent of dull energy that shuffles me through each day. For whatever reason, just knowing this is a temporary state helped me resume a normal, albeit slo-mo clip, throughout this past week.  We had some friends over.  Took the kids to the beach. Celebrated James' birthday a bit.  Caroline and I went to fashion show fundraiser with everyone on Sunday.  Some said I looked kind of pale -- but like being eyelashless, it was nothing a ridiculous amount of make-up couldn't fix.  I may walk around looking like Norma Desmond in a suburban-blonde wig, but again -- it's temporary. Dealable. All we need is a little sunshine. But then, I couldn't get my treatment yesterday. The docs sent me home from the DF with dangerously low white blood counts, some preemptive antibiotics, Neupogen syringes, and a Michael Jackson mask.  They basically said no public places, no visitors, no nuthin' until the WBCs climb out of the red, or the white hot as the case may be.  Because if get so much as a wee fever, I'll have to be admitted to the hospital. Funtime.  They said the Neupogen shots should turn this thing around by the end of the week.  So, until then, I'll be in some form of drug-induced repose. 


Anonymous said...

Thats sucks, plain and simple!!
This to shall pass. I hope you can your treatment at the end of the week. Mentally I just wanted to be DONE. I was going email and bitch
about my appointment with the plastic surg. All I will say it is complicated. The sun is going to be shining on Friday & Saturday, chin up Kate!!

BG said...

KJ - I'm sure the mask is annoying but better to be safe and clean! Hang in there. You'll be tossing around white blood cells like they're extra cell phone minutes soon enough.

Roving Lemon said...

Ugh. Who would've thought the only thing worse than getting chemo would be NOT getting chemo? Take it easy, and make like MJ instead of KJ for a few days while you coddle those WBCs along. And think how MJ would envy your paleness.


Dawn said...

Hang in there, Kate.

We love you!
Dawn and Mike

jal said...

Oh Kate! It was so great to see you on Sunday I was planning all sorts of outings. They will wait. Just keep sending good thoughts to the WBCs and you'll be up and outta there in no time.

Love you, JAL.

lpd said...

Oh KJ...

Please let us know what you need while you're on lockdown this week. WMD and I are home with little Tom Dom and can jump out anytime.

Would love to Skype with you this week if you're up for seeing some friendly (albeit unshowered...)faces without germ exposure.


PS...my word verification today is "butsmoo". That pretty much sums up your situation this week: "THIS is utter butsmoo."

GOY said...

What!! No fair! Just another bump in the road. No doubt you still look amazing even with a mask on. I am peparing for some crafty fun on Friday if the little people would like to join in.

This too shall pass and we will be sipping on Cancertini's by the water in no time! XOXOXOXO

Aunty Crafty

Anonymous said...

Kate - Relax, rest, and drink some herbal teas. Watch all those crappy daytime shows too! Pretty soon you'll be out and about just in time for the nice weather. Take good care of yourself! Thinking of you. Love ya - POMS (APW)

Heather said...

Oh, Kate. I'm so sorry. But being home is MUCH better than landing in the hospital. I ended up with a 48 hour stay and IV antibiotics, along with a hermetically sealed room and "you cannot leave this room without a face mask" orders. Like everyone says, "this too shall pass" but I KNOW you just want it to be over. Got some good books to read?

Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:

As with this whole thing - this is temporary! Easier for us to say, than for you to endure! I can't wait to see your future postings about this time, because through this whole ordeal your writings have evoked a humor, and have helped us understand what you're feeling and going through!

Open the windows - the sun will be shining this weekend and you can get your dose of Vitamin D!

Tell James - Happy Birthday and I'm working on the order for more pork and meatballs!

Love you,

Auntie Joanne

noternie said...

Wear the mask if you must, but think about covering it with a bandana and pretending you're a Bandito(Bandita?). The local sherrif's got you locked up for rustling horses or cattle and they're drugging you with truth serum or something. (They had that in the Old West, no?) Swear to any of the guards that if you ever escape, you'll get revenge before riding off to Ol'Mexico.

Then relax and dream about heading back to the bar for a Red Eye!

Kaera said...

You rock AND you rock the wig Kate! You are in my thoughts and prayers. White Power!! I love you!!! Kaera

Dr. Nic said...

Hey Kate
Sorry to hear it has been a tough week :(
I hate this for you. I hope the sun cheered you up and you soaked up the rays today.
Thinking of you, missing you, and looking forward to seeing you next week.

Bean Down Under said...

Hey Kate - Hope your WBC's are making a comeback! Thinking of you guys.


Anonymous said...

Hoping that your lack of posts in the interim doesn't mean you are not near a computer.

Waiting, as usual, to see how you are this week! Hopefully you were able to get out in the sun this weekend and you feel a little better.

Anonymous said...

katie,hope thisnote finds things turning around for you and those damm cells get back on track. thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you and jamie at the fishing derby

luv ya,