11 May 2009

Meh-na Meh-na

Live, DF 10

It's been awhile.  All is well, just meh.  I’ve been reluctant to put up a post because I couldn't do so without sounding like a miserable camel.  So much to say, but my head is swimming too much to write coherently.  I've been climbing out of the haze -- slowly -- and should be back this week.  Six more weeks of chemo. Getting there, slowly.  In the meantime...




Carrie McInerney said...

That's funny Kate! Hope your feeling better soon! I think of you often.

Heather said...

You make me smile.

Code Red said...

Ah, gotta love those Muppets! I love how the pink cows (or whatever the heck those things are) just look at the crazy redhead and shake their heads disapprovingly. I can relate. :)

Thinking of you Kate and hope to see you soon!!

Six weeks and counting. MEH-NA, MEH-NA!!

p.s. my word verification is "unentspa." Like, we'll have to spend a relaxing day at a unentspa when your treatment is over. :)

jal said...

My absolute favorite song ever!!! The pink creatures are "Snowths". Can't remember what the other guys name is.

Did you know that this song debuted as part of Umiliani's soundtrack for the Italian mondo film Svezia, inferno e paradiso (Sweden: Heaven and Hell) (1968), a pseudo-documentary about wild sexual activity and other behavior in Sweden. The song accompanied a scene in the film set in a sauna. Oh those crazy muppets!!!

Loved seeing you this weekend. I hope you ate all of the buttercake yourself!

Roving Lemon said...

Possibly the best muppets bit ever. My family has now hooked a whole new generation on it: "Mum, do MEH-NA-MEH-NA!"

Nice to see you back on the PU.


jgolen said...

Holy WOW! Just when I was giggling over a great childhood memory of that catchy little tune...I read about the Swedish origins. Freakish. Anyway, thanks for making us smile Kate.

Aside: my verification was "grambra". Perhaps a new lifting mechanism for the elder women in our lives? It can fit in the category with the Bro!

KT said...

First of all, complaining about having to go to chemo and feeling like crap all the time does NOT make you a camel. It makes you human.

Second, awesome muppets clip! I've been singing it all afternoon.

You're at the turnaround in this damn TH race. Six down - six to go! Hang in there, mama!

Anonymous said...


Sorry about missing the DF last week. Spoke to Nic and we are ON for an upcoming monday! I am looking forward to seeing you. Stay on You Tube. There are a whole lot of needed laughs to be found. Try to keep laughing or at the very least smiling. Or not. Just hang in. You have reached the half way mark. Pretty remarkable.

You remain in my thoughts...<3 Amy

Anonymous said...

Feel free to complain, be a camel. This entire thing SUCKS! You are funny, I got a laugh from the you tube!!! Your fighting the enemy!

Bean Down Under said...

Only Jal could come up with the background story! Good work! I love the word: Mahnahmahnah! The muppets were the best! Thinking of all the Jackson's often and can't wait to catch up in person soon! Till then.... mahnahmahnah....

Dr. Nic said...

mahnahmahnah....love it !
We all watched and laughed this morning - you rock Kate :)
See you soon

Tricia said...

Kate, love reading your blog. Hang in there! This video is so funny, brings back memories. My kids loved it, and went off to school singing and laughing this morning.
Best to you from your BLA/Hanover friend!


Anonymous said...


I know many a camel and you my friend are no camel!!! :) Love that clip!!

my word verification is belymest...
I had too much of the "butt explosion" dip and now my belymest up!!!