27 October 2009

Shamelessly Pimping My Words Again

(As Dr. Nic would say: "Big face, big face.")

Pink Lady
Today, the Patriot Ledger features a sort of in her own words story and audio slide show on the wee brownies and me. Vito even makes a few cameos (be kind: the camera adds five pounds) Great family photos, but the sound of my voice makes me want to crawl under the nearest braided rug.

"The Devil Wears a Mini Skirt?"
-- KB
Also in today's PL is an article I wrote on how slutty Halloween costumes for young girls enrage parents. Some great quotes from local mommas who have insightful, often hilarious takes on the issue.


Lynn Clement said...

Simply amazing and inspiring. Loved both articles. L

Cols said...

Kate-there you go, making me cry at my desk at work again. People are starting to wonder what's really going on with me! LOL!

So proud of you and inspired by you!

Loved the costume story as well. Who knew there was a "Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood in Boston." ; )

Not being very pro-Halloween myself, I don't usually participate in the festivities but decided to this year after pressure from my friends. I'm going as Cleopatra and have to say I was appalled at the costumes I saw when shopping. There is a slutty, or as they refer to it at Target, "Sassy" version of every single costume. You'll be glad to know I purchased the "non-Sassy" longer dress version for Cleopatra. I'm thinking the Queen of Nile wasn't sporting a micro mini skirt and bra top back in the day...


Life in Fourth Grade said...


Roving Lemon said...

So nice to hear your voice and see your beautiful faces (and of course Vito in all his glory). And to read the costume story--a whole new way of making Halloween scary. Nxo

Dr. Nic said...

You look amazing ! Tears of happiness tonight : )

I'm adding on an extension to Katherine's Halloween costume !

Anonymous said...


Made me cry.... your voice sounds healthy and wise and I love your eyebrows best:)..... Hope to see you guys soon

Kelly Herlihy said...

Having just gone down that road myself, I loved your positive energy!! Greg Parker sent me your blog, Greg and I grew up together and were roommates in Southie for a few good old years. I'm wrapping up my reconstruction, in all "this", it's a nice perk. My hair is similar, my 3 boys, are so excited it's growing in. I'm glad the pixie style is back. Take care, you look and sound amazing!!
Kelly Herlihy

Lisa Daria said...

Nice work Kate!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:

As always, inspiring! Good to hear your voice... Great pictures and as always you look great! Keep on...


Auntie J

Anonymous said...

loved HEARING you as well as seeing you and those beautiful children. rock on, sister. you are inspiring many with your daily get-up-and-do-it attitude.

BJ's pal Henrietta