14 January 2011

Random Quizzilla

It felt like a Quizzilla Friday today.  It's high time -- the last RQ was Oct 2008. Let's do this thing.   

1.  Do you hoard anything?
Free perfume samples. It's the French whore in me. 

2. Name five things that annoy you:  Platitudes, guitar solos lasting more than 6 minutes, Eeyore-esque FB statuses about aches and pains, xenophobes, the Olive Garden.

3. What is the last song you had stuck in your head? 
For the better part of a year, I (and several pals) have broken out into the theme song from “What Up With That” from SNL, not unlike Kenan Thompson does in the skit. Watch this clip and try NOT to sing it the rest of the day.

4.  When was the last time you slept on the floor? 
At Dreama's apartment in Manhattan last year.  

5.  What is your one of your favorite Urban Dictionary words?  

**If you clicked on the link, you've just been Rick-Rolled.


Anonymous said...

1 cookies. Hockey pucks

2 Peter wolf. The concert clap people who send too many emails. Pauls whiney. A bad sandwich

3 Together forever

4 park city. 3 years ago

5 I don't know any.


Anonymous said...

1- Suit Jackets
2- Landscapers that I cant have
3-Cutting crew song from the 80's
4-Parents cape house
5-Keep fuckin that chicken (thanks KJ!)

ebean said...

1. Books that I will never read or have already read. Why keep them?
2. Peter Wolf; old people in the self check out line; people at Starbucks; people who don't pick up after their dogs; the month of March.
3. Stuck in a Moment - U2
4. Ptown, Carnival Week 2010.
5. anything that starts with 'purple headed' sorry if thats too NC17

Anonymous said...

1. Cats! Kidding..candy from Halloween and my kids favor bags!
2. Dust, assholes, long lines, my sister, when my dog pees when he's excited.
3. F-U the Gwyneth version.\
4. Last week, we slept in sleeping bags and watched movies..my back is still f-ed up.
5. Epic fail.

jal said...

1. old concert tix
2. drama, people not using their directionals, people waiting too long after the light turns green, bad service at a restaurant, dropped calls.
3. "barbara streisand" by duck sauce
4. last week in front of the fireplace
5. taint

chris said...

1. packages of post-it notes…because they're lined or recycled, gifts or free samples, because they have cute sayings on the bottom. any excuse will do.

2. roadside litter esp. plastic bags stuck in trees, prescription drug prices, public misspellings, music that fades away instead of resolving, arrogant people.

3. serenade in g major from "eine keine nachtmusik". it comes and it goes but it's always there.

4. two years ago on the rug in my grandgirl's bedroom while I was waiting for her to wake up from her nap so we could go back to playing

5. dftba

kaybee said...

1. Pocketbooks: I am a total bag-whore.

2. Monday morning quarter-backs, check-writers in line ahead of me, obnoxious "insert child's sport here" parents, slow internet connections, and long voicemail messages.

3. "1.877.KARS.FOR.KIDS, K-A-R-S, KARS FOR....." oh, sorry.

4. Last summer, down the Cape at Gigi's house, with my kids.
It seemed like such a good idea at the time....

5. I can't decide! It's between: "disco-sled" and "dungeon-tan".

Alex said...


1. Newspapers from notable events

2. Group buying sites, hip restaurants that serve fried chicken, getting dressed, figuring out which week is green can week, traveling in the passing lane

3. Dave Brubeck -Take Five. It haunts me.

4. Tahoe FF draft

5. Check your totem

Nicola said...

1. Clothes I fit into pre babies
2. The ass who took our dug out parking space clearly marked with an old sled! My mother reminding me to send birthday cards to family members! My cell phone (you’d understand if you saw it!), dog poop in front of my house, students arriving late to class.
3. Big girls don’t cry – Frankie Valli; Jersey Boys – just saw the show – awesome!
4. Hmm…..I can’t recall!
5. No idea….huh?

Anonymous said...

1. empty whiskey bottles
2. chain email, empty whiskey bottles, the new york jet, people who can accept other cultures and the Dutch.
3. Round and Round selena gomez (thanks Nieve).
4. All night? MV 2001, 20 minutes, most nights.
5. Fuck, I'm a simple man Kate.

lpd said...

1. Ramekins. I can't tell you how many ramekins I have.

2. People who lack spatial awareness, Britney Spears, slideshows of somebody else's vacation, Nickelback, martyrs. (PS...WMD is totally annoyed by Olive Garden too.)

3. OOOOOOOOOOOOO-WEEEE. Yep, "What Up With That" has definitely been stuck in my head many a time. Most recently, however, it was "Dog Days Are Over"

4. Slept on the nursery floor a bit during James' teething phase, about 2.5 years ago. Poor bug.

5. "Hot mess."