09 February 2011

"Colder than a Midget in a 'Frigerator"

This is awesome. Megan McGlover, I hear you!

(hat tip: Bridget Duffy & Susan Howard)


Roving Lemon said...

Listening and laughing from KCMO, where it's a balmy 16F today and no snow plows in sight--apparently the good Lord can take of 2 inches of snow without any human help. But hell, at least school's open.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Go to school! Go to work! Our entire state shut down last week over three inches of snow. I almost snapped too. K.R.

Kelly Baker said...

Kate - this made my day!

Bridget said...

I did not see that you had posted this and I am incredibly flattered! Have you seen the rest of the series? They're hysterical.

I love you long, I love you strong...and don't be stupid people. don't be stupid!