25 March 2008

Random Quizzilla

1) Did you get up early to watch the Sox today ? (Or, Bags, did you sleep in and watch the Sox?)
Recorded and rewound it. Watching it right now-extra innings. Thanks, Brandon Moss! That'll be a flame fanner for all the crazy-eyed J.D. Drew haters.

2) If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around?
People. Portraits, etc.

3) Share a beauty or grooming trick.
Did you know you can curl your hair with a flat iron? Really need a GHD iron to do it properly, though, especially if you have gawky paws and a tiny head. Apparently, the GHD is the maharishi of styling tools; it fires up to 400 degrees in under 30 seconds and can straighten or curl hair, heat up an entire floor of your house. But since it uses infrared heat, it actually protects your hair from heat damage so you don't end up looking like this after repeated use. It works great but it's tough not to crease up the back (gawky paws/tiny head). I'm going to try to convince James to watch a few of the tutorials on youtube so he can curl the back for me. I'll likely get a similar response to when I told him we needed to learn canine massage to ward off Vito's future hip problems. "Don't even show me how to do it."

4) When was the last time you went out to dinner and where?
Coda with Maria and Apryl last week (the old Tim's Tavern). Great place; very similar to the Franklin. Burgers and Malbec-yum.

5) Do you take any vitamins and supplements?
A ridiculous amount. I'm shivering in my wool wrap, popping B vitamins and green tea extract. I need to swipe one of those color-coded pill dispensers from a nursing home.


Anonymous said...

1-Yes. Was very late for work too.
4-Lala Rokh on Sat. Persian pollo.
5-No, with the exception of the occassional protein shake.

Kevin Kosh said...

Hey Kate, fulfilling my promise/threat: I'll chime in:

1) Radio from first pitch during commute, through the last pitch on my office radio (with volume increasing steadily). Love morning games...until they lose, then the day sucks.
2) Crime scenes...kidding, actually kids (although sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which...unless the perpetrator is caught in the act, then it’s a kid photo)
3) I stay in bed, everybody wins
4) Maguire’s Bar and Grill in Easton (with kids in tow) for St. Patty’s Day (good turkey tips)
5) At this point my body is so polluted I’m afraid that too many supplements will react explosively and cartoonishly and I’ll end up looking like the big orange monster out of Bugs Bunny.

james said...

1)Caught a little thanks to TIVO this morning. Then listened on the commute. Got to the office and GameCast was not refreshing on ESPN.com.Drove me loopey.
3)None but can't wait to curl Kates hair.
4) Fours with Dunny before Reading won the State Hockey Super 8 Championship. First for a Public School since 78.
5)No Supplements or Vitamins. Amazed how many are in the medicine cabinet.

Bean Down Under said...

1. Yes. It was shown live in Brisbane at 8:00 PM which was a great time to watch it! I also recorded it on Foxtel IQ (the Aussie version of DVR).

2. People or sports

3. Use cetaphyl daily as a facial moisturizer. And guys get away from foam type shaving creams. Spend more money and get no foam gels. King of Shaves is great. Kiehls makes a great range too. Treat your face right and you won't look a day over 20! Well 35.

4. Tonight. Indian food. Naan break, samosa's, and butter chicken. Now going into a food coma.

5. Daily. A GNC mega mens multi vitamin, fish oil pills,vitamin C - btw....GNC multi vitamins are the best if anyone is wondering! You can tell its working because when you take it your pee is fluorescent yellow! LOL!

BAGS said...

1) KJ, the nice thing is when you don't sleep you can get so much done. Per usual, I was awake to see the pre-game and the first few innings before heading off to work.

2) Sox games. We give me a good excuse to be at Fenway as often as possible.

3)Shower daily

4)Tosca's with the Dealios and MacD's

5) Multi-Daily & Ginseng

kris10 said...

3/ghd goes to 327* and adjusts to the porosity of the hair

jal said...

1. Nope. checked on it via boston.com at the office though.

2. Macro shots of stuff so you can't tell what it is and landscapes.

3. Green covers red (i.e. green coverstick for blemishes and pimples etc) and orange covers blue (i.e. orange/yellow coverstick to cover blue blemishes and beard).

4. Last night to the chinese restaurant on Boylston Street in the Fenway - the one at the old HoJo's.

5. GNC Mens UltraMega multivitamin everyday.

Anonymous said...

1. No.

2. Cats.

3. Sweat out the bloat. 20 minutes on a bike before you head out.

4. Chez Jay. Ocean Ave., Santa Monica. Sawdust restaurant. They put banana in the mashed potatoes. Great steaks. Con: No Boddinton's.

5. A multi on occasion.

KT said...

1. I could not possibly have cared less, but was pissed off when big D dragged little D out of bed at 5:55am! It was not a fun afternoon.

2. Anything in B&W.

3. Now that I'm ancient, I always try to apply facial moisturizer and carmex before running outside in the cold, lest I return looking like this.

4. Tuscany at Mohegan Sun a week and a half ago (went to see Chris Rock). Sorta like eating in a mall but more expensive.

5. One-a-day and an extra iron pill. The Red Cross always thwarts my efforts to be a good doobie and donate blood citing anemia as a valid reason for rejection. In truth, I could use a daily infusion of solid red meat fed directly into my veins. But who has the time?