12 May 2008

A Mexican Hangover for Mothers' Day

A rained-out Renegades game became a Mexican springboard of sorts for some spontaneity and long overdue Taylor time. Under the auspices of Mothers’ Day, we conjured up last minute sitter/magicians and --beneath an antique KPMG golf umbrella – scurried down Gloucester Street to Casa Romero (Cafe Rodriguez). It was pouring outside but down in the public alley it was all about free flowing albarino, cactus-stuffed chicken medallions and disordered piles of refried beans. Muy bien.

We discussed the Mothers' Day Q&A sheets sent home from school:

Teacher: “What did your mother like to play when she was a little girl.”
Paulie: “Nothing! She was just a tiny girl and she was very, very chubby.”

We sat next to two inebriated yet jolly young women -- relentless utensil droppers who told us four times they'd just returned from Asia. One of the ladies snapped our photo while giving a mini-lecture on flash photography. "That’s great, please don’t drop Chubby's camera."

We enjoyed our standard unneccessary nightcap at Sonsie where we proceeded to rearrange furniture and create a barrier between us and a gaggle of manorexic svengalis.

"di pa-ta-ta!"

"Say 'Son-say'"


KT said...

Good times, Jacksons!! Thank goodness for last minute babysitter / magicians and cold Mexican beer!

Bean Down Under said...

KJ - were you a very very chubby little girl? LOL!

bg said...

Sounds like a fun time. KJ, in the 2nd pic of you and KT, you have that "Your next drink is a glass of water!" look about you.

KJ said...

KT-Long overdue. Chubby's still feeling the effects but it was worth it.

EPB: NO! I looked like a chicken. When are you home!?

BG: Very close, indeed, BG! I was channeling James' "I'm SO rich" vibe --reminiscent of a scene at the Boarding House minus the big boy blazers.

jal said...

It's ok KJ, I was chubby too!!! Still am a little.
MMMMMMMMMM - margaritas!!!

lpd said...

Little Paulie Walnuts, fabricatin' his first online rumor. Sorry you're the subject of said rumor, KJ. Looks like a Friday fiesta at Cafe Rodriguez indeed. Buenos dias to the Taylors.