05 May 2008

Random Quizzilla

1) What kid of music do you listen to while driving?
It’s been well-documented here that my kids stuffed some nickels into my car's CD player and cigarette lighter so I haven't been able to hook up my iPod or Sirius or even listen to an old mixed CD recently excavated from the glovey (dated Feb 2000/titled “Busmalis” after the character on Oz). So, I usually listen to the radio, mostly 'FNX, The River and 'BOS. If you're forced to listen to the radio in your car, you may have noticed that 'BOS recently changed its format. They undoubtedly took a cue from marketing geniuses behind 93.7's totally random, DJ-free experience designed to compete with the iPod (only if your iPod has excessive amounts of Steve Miller and other hideous strains of Redneck rock). Not good. But, BOS isn't totally random, it's totally 90s and is clearly targeting my demographic of nostalgic 30-somethings. Now, I can put on some old tunes, get down and wallow in nostalgia with the best of them, but this format is not working for me. It's not so much a feel-good nostalgia as an anxiety-producing one. It's like a Proustian memory for the ears. Driving to Dunkins, suddenly having an out-of-body experience from 1995: Gavin Rossdale's voice, feeling slightly anxious and hungover. Moments later, snapping out of it: Thank God that now is not then -- and holy crap, it's way too early for Screaming Trees.

2) When was the last time you were on a train?
Yesterday, we took wee brown ones into the city on the Greenbush Line. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience except for a couple of cackling ladies behind us who talked about Edy’s Slow Churn ice cream the entire ride in.

3) What is the most frequent letter of the alphabet in your whole name (first, middle, maiden, last, etc.)?
Frigging “A”

4) What is the last "silly" photo you took of a person, place or thing?
There are a several silly noun photos. Here we have BG and Paulie at the Playwright on Saturday afternoon. And you can't see it in the picture, but BG is wearing a donkey pinata shirt with "I'd hit that" beneath it. Fantastic. Other recent silly photos of note: intersection ponyrides at the local liquor store, where the hell are my glasses, and the impossibility of recapturing the excitement of the Celtics' win in a contrived post-photo.

5)Have you gone to any high school reunions? Will you attend your next one?
Just one -- a sparsely-attended 15th that was held in a windowless function room at an Italian restaurant in Dedham. Not if it's held in a windowless function room at an Italian restaurant in Dedham.


jal said...

1. Since I have no children and Ava can't stick anything in the CD or casette player I play various mixed CD's and those that I buy from DJ Mary Alice at T Dance at the Boatslip each year. I've gotten hooked on all acapella on WERS Saturday afternoon. It's amazing what they can do.

2. This morning commuting the 4 stops to work.

3. A with E and I running a close second.

4. That would be of Mike and I at the Sox game last Tuesday freezing our a$$e$ off. It'll be on my facebook in the next day or two.

5. Nope. Only 8 in my graduating class and we've dispersed or disappeard and those that are in touch really don't talk much.

Anonymous said...

1-KJ, I've had Temple of the Dog in my head all day
2-Orange Line, 20 minutes ago.
4-Can't figure out how to post them. Imageshack didn't work for me.
5-No and no, not without a truck load of booze.

james said...

1) Not much music mostly talk radio. However, I have satelite and the Dead Channel is awesome.
2) WIth the buggers Saturday. Talked about trains all day today. Fitchburg is getting a 150M upgrade.
3) A
4) I leave the pictures to Kate
5)My 20th. Surprisingly a great night. Actually danced at the end of the night, pretty hammered obiously.

bg said...

1) I drive 1.7 miles to work, so I listen to EEI, maybe the new 'BOS if EEI is on commercial. I prefer the non-DJ stations, like KJ mentioned. For whatever reason, I think due to poor reception, my alarm clock radio is set to that stupid Loren & Wally show on 105.7. Those chooch's still talk in radio voice, and do dumbass radio gimmicks. The first words out of my mouth this morning were "fuckin donkey".
2) Years.
3) It's a tie between "T" and "O". But 2 T's are in my first name alone - so T gets the nod.
4) See KJ's answer. Paulie likes to make faces, and so do I.
5) My 20 yr HS reunion is coming up - August 2nd. I've been talking/emailing with friends from high school. It's amazing how it all seems like yesterday. What a cliche but true. (side note: Jamie I wish I was there to see you dance drunk).

lpd said...

1) WMD and I were recently horrified to realize that the music we were so enjoying was coming not from WFNX or The River, but from Coast 93.3, a station that boasts a "Great While You Work!" format. So F'n old...

2) Rode the Silver Line to work last December.

3) Four L's in my name now.

4) Silly noun photo, eh? Took a picture of my nephews having a Serious Face Staredown this weekend. Don't let the "Serious" fool you...it was silly...silly I say.

5) No more high school reunions for the BRHS Class of '88. According to our class president, ours was the most apathetic class in history, and only 10 people showed up for our 15-year reunion. I did attend the 10-year, where I sat down to dinner next to a former classmate and stuck out my hand to introduce myself, only to realize that he had a prosthetic arm. Nice work, LP.

bg said...

LP - prosthetic arm - excellent. I'm actually LOLing, and I hate that expression.

lpd said...

Remind me to tell you the full story, BG. Horrifying yet very, very funny.

Tim said...

1. The craziest thing, I just visited my folks in Florida and they listen to an all 70's station while they drive and I was loving it! Totally brought me back to my childhood, good fun. I'm not driving here in Seattle so it's KEXP at home.

2. Hanoi to Saigon and back last month.

3. timothy GeorGe Griffin
4. My god son Quinn making funny faces in Natick back in Feb. 2008

5. Was on the West Coast, never say never