04 June 2008

Random Quizzilla

1) When was the last time you had 'surprise fun' ?
Surprise fun has been a regular occurrence these days from the early-evening beach hang to the mid-week sausage festival. Last Friday was another example. On a whim, JAL and I decided to meet up after work at LTK for drinks to celebrate the real estate transaction of the century that involves JAL moving into my childhood bedroom.  The evening swelled into a “sort of homecoming” gathering with endless plates of grilled shrimp and dirty martinis. EPB, who  is back from Down Under, is temporarily perched high above the Seaport in a corporate ivory tower. He and some of his boys (included two Owls) joined us as did Mike P, Cameo and Code Red. P also stopped by "for one" while awaiting a ride to his 15th college reunion.  But by 9:30 he was still enjoying a Stella Artois in a chalice "garnished with the body of Christ." After dinner, I had a very pleasant ride back to the burbs on the Greenbush where I discussed the phenomenon of New England Reserve with a very, very baked 17-year-old surfer dude who'd just moved to North Scituate from LA.  

2) What was the last email forward you received that actually made you laugh out loud. Who was it from? 
It was from Bags. The subject line: "Vindicated." It was a link to this article in Maxim where readers voted Wally the Green Monster "the #1 Mascot deserving a groin punch."  Needless to say, this write-up made Bags happier than a rousing match of lawn darts.

3) On average how good are you at keeping a secret? 
With other people's secrets, I am a vault.  With my own, not so much.     

4) When someone smiles at you, do you smile back?
Of course. Only a total DB wouldn’t.

5) Using 20 words or less, describe your first driving experience.5
Donuts in the parking lot of the Revere Showcase Cinemas


Anonymous said...

1- Without giving too much away, it involved a Slinky and a plastic bag of deli meat.

2- This. http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com/cgi-bin/seigmiaow.pl

3-It depends on the secret and person it belongs to.

4-Yes, I am not a DB.

5-Can’t remember mine but my brother ran over some guy’s foot during driver’s ed.

Anonymous said...

1. Went to my regular bar and found it was a private party...free.

2. Mamet Interview.

3. Excellent.

4.Of course.

5. A cacophony of my father's poor instruction and that Phil Collins/Phillip Bailey Duet "Easy Lover" on every station.

jal said...

1. Saturday - the day afer the LTK fun. Last minute dinner with friends on our deck. They just never work out when you plan them.

2. It was about drinking and has some great lines about things that are difficult to say when you're drunk starting with "excruciating" and ending with "No one wants to hear me sing, I couldn't possibly do karoake now?"

3. Vault!

4. Always unless it's a crazy person on the T.

5. Getting pulled over and after my father responded to the officers query as to what was going on he said "I thought it was either that or a drunk driver." When we arrived home shortly thereafter our neighbors were over and my father felt inclined to share this "hilarous" moment with them. To this day it still comes up occasionally.