26 June 2008

Those Polarizing Pink Hats

(Red Sox fan and good sport Anne Houseman loves her pink hat and is no longer afraid to wear it)

Check out my article in today's Globe on the entire pink hat controversy in Red Sox Nation.  The message board discussion is a doozy as well. 


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Boston. There isn't much tolerance for self-expression in the city -- especially unmanly self-expression. I'm not sure why it is but there's a constant pressure to conform and look like everybody else. It's boring and limiting. Not surprised at all that people would be suspicious of the pink hats. But really, who cares?

Tim said...

I (probably because I don't live in MA anymore) never related the pink hat to "new" fans. I assumed in was to attract female fans to the best game ever. I know I'm nuts, but I have a slight fetish of seeing a woman in a baseball hat, it's sexy. Although pink hats to me aren't necessarily sexy, the women underneath them make my heart soar. So, to the malcontent neanderthals living everywhere, seriously.... no seriously, get a life.

Bean Down Under said...

KJ - your article was being talked about on Mix 98.5 this morning and then again on WEEI Sports radio this afternoon! Great to hear all of the buzz. My take.... who cares if someone is a die hard fan or a new fan. As long as you cheer for the Sox!

KJ said...

Anon, I think that's the point. This kind of controversy could ONLY happen in Boston, likely for the very reasons you list. I find the whole thing strangely endearing, with the exception of people who take it too seriously. They are scary and, as Tim said, need to get a life.

EPB: I heard about the radio chit chat. Love it!