14 July 2008

At Last

(There he is)

Dylan James Haley reared his sweet head -- which will surely sprout a mighty 'fro one day -- on Friday. Per happy text messages and picture mail, all is going well. Congratulations, Tom & Dawn! We love you!


bg said...

Congratulations Tom and Dawn! I can't wait to meet him. And I also can't wait until his fro grows in!

lpd said...

AW YEAH!!! So excited for the Haleys and the wee Dylan James. Can't wait to meet him. Love to all!

BAGS said...

Wooo... Welcome to the fold. Nice work Tom and Dawn. Congrats and good luck.

Code Red said...

Congratulations Tom and Dawn! Looking forward to meeting Dylan.
We're all chipping in to buy him a lifetime supply of SPF 50 and a baby beach umbrella (ella...ella...ella).