23 July 2008

Rotational Neglect

"Rotational Neglect" is a term that KT brilliantly coined to describe the practice where in trying to do everything, you're never giving 100 percent to anything and as a result all areas of your life suffer a little. I've been deep into this practice the last few weeks having lost my regular sitter/magician while gaining two new work projects. This was mayhem-inducing enough not to mention the staggering social calendars of preschoolers and trying to find time to squeeze in some Griswaldian summer adventures along the way. The PU has certainly suffered the effects of rotational neglect -- perhaps the most -- because currency is a blog's oxygen. To neglect a blog is to kill it (zero flags!) and that is not something I want to have happen here.

So I'm switching gears from RN to Serenity Preservation for the next few weeks.

When I boarded the ferry home from Nantucket a few weeks ago, I was surprised at how territorial I was of my own peace of mind, of the serenity I'd earned during four fantastic days on the island. The ferry was nearly-empty except for some loud and annoying French passengers who -- despite having the entire boat at their disposal -- decided to sit on top of me and pepper me with questions about Cape Cod. They even asked if I would point out the Kennedy Compound to them when we got close to Hyannis. Serenity threatened. I was offended. As far as I was concerned, I was still on vacation. I excused myself, grabbed my bag and walked to the opposite side of the boat. I pulled out my giant sun hat, put my feet up and read my book the rest of the journey.

I feel like I have to do that for awhile. Unplug. Step away from the computer. That said, I'm going to take a wee hiatus from the PU. A few weeks or so. The summer is a sea of endless distractions as it is and I'd rather be silent than make small talk for the sake of staying current. I hate small talk.

Aside: We're in the process of finding a pup tent and decent life jacket for Vito so he can come to the beach with us. When that happens, I can guarantee there will be a video posted up here similar to this one.

In the meantime, it's only appropriate that my last post for awhile contains the crappy low-res slideshow of the Nantucket trip --the 10th annual! This year's trip was most certainly in the Top 5. Even with bony cheese haters along for the ride and Kid Rock's abusive texts, it was all about hanging with the burds and mainlining Coronas & Prosecco on the beach. Viva la vida! (BTW, I planned on using that song as the slideshow's soundtrack but thanks to the sphincter that is DMR-protected music, it was not possible. I think I found a decent alternative, however). Enjoy!


bg said...

KJ - As a faithful prescriber of the PU, I say that you deserve a break. Get out there and enjoy the warm weather, your family and friends, and get back to the PU when there's nothing better to do! With that said, you will be missed.

jal said...

Ms. J - Griswalds or not, you're always welcome to chill at 155. We've got a fridge in the basement full of beer, wine in and on top of the fridge, wireless internet(as of Saturday the 26th) and a guest room upstairs. Just give us this weekend to move in. Can't wait to see you.

KT said...

KJ - First of all, thx for the props on terminology. Keep in mind that the hard part of rotational neglect is the associated guilt about not doing everything (or sometimes, anything) well. Just keep telling yourself, "Get over it. People and systems are resilient. You're really not as important as you think you are." (...even though we all know that YOU are). That said, I'll miss the PU and will look forward to hearing your enlightened voice on the blogosphere when you're ready.

Hope to share a well-deserved beverage with you soon, chick.

Code Red said...

KJ - everyone needs a break sometimes. Yours is much-deserved and and August is a good month to take it.

JAL - good luck with the move! Don't forget you friend in neighboring Chelsea when you're having gatherings on the deck! :)

jal said...

Code Red - thanks! You're always welcome (after this weekend) and if Ava can ever get over her other dog issues maybe she and Baron can play in the yard.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Please do not use my picture on your web page. It is confusing, and it actually is against my "Rights of Publicity", which protects unauthorized use of my name (which is actually registered with The United States Patent & Trademark Office, so even though it's your name, too, it is registered to me to avoid confusion just like this.) BUT using my photo IS NOT OK. Please take it off your web page immediately! Your published ideas, etc. may be diametrically opposed to mine, and putting my photo instead of your own on "Kate Jackson's" web page isn't honest or funny to me. Please don't take advantage of me. Best Regards, Kate Jackson (the one in the picture)

Alex said...

I support the hiatus (the reunion tours are epic).

KJ said...

RE: Kate Jackson


I find it very hard to believe that we've busted THE great Kate Jackson in a vanity Google. Given the uptight legalese, I'm sure it's just some overzealous entertainment attorney with way too much time on his/her hands.

Either way -- way to turn an homage into an insult! Only the most daft among us could possibly believe this is the blog of THE Kate Jackson. No more than a blogger with the name Marge Simpson using an image of her namesake could lead readers to believe it was the actual cartoon character. Please.

Still, if there is even a slight chance that THE Kate Jackson is really a humorless, litigious hag who honestly believes she is being "taken advantage of" here, I shall shed the PU of her image -- like my own mortal coil -- when I relaunch the site next month.

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive here, but it's just. so. petty.