05 January 2009

25 Things

Happy 2009 to all! We did DIY Chinese food on New Year's Eve and it came out smashingly (or at least it was better than getting booted out of the Ritz.) Still, everyone was passed out by 10 so I rang in the new year trolling the Internets with a glass of prosecco. Like any other night. I noticed a trend popping up on some blogs called “25 things.” Posters were sharing 25 random truths or philosophies about themselves, mostly useless nuggets of information that are either little known or just south of strange. I thought it’d be a fun, albeit gratuitious exercise and I hope others will share in the comment section. Here are mine:

1. I spend most of my days screeching into and out of parking lots because even though I’m totally disorganized, I pride myself on being on time. “Punctuality is the courtesy of kings.”

2. I’m extremely claustrophobic. Wicked. I don’t even like wearing socks.

3. I’ve learned it’s just way easier to give Vito a sponge bath than a traditional tub.

4. I’ve contrived an elaborate survival plan for the coming apocalypse.

5. When I was six years old, I had a laundry basket tied off on the floor at the end of my bed. I called it my “dinghy” and used to sit in it and eat Oreos.

6. When I was in 2nd grade, my friend Danielle’s mother would call my mother every morning to ask if I was wearing socks or tights to school that day. It was only recently that I realized how strange that was.

7. I have freakishly long arms and huge feet for a 5’3” woman.

8. I don’t like cheese, except on pizza. And in a limited number of ricotta-stuffed pastas.

9. I love Nostradamus and all of his doomy quatrains. Armageddon Week on the History Channel. Shark Week on Discovery. And NatGeo’s “Seconds from Disaster.” I despise reality shows and famewhores. I miss going to the movies and especially walking to the Kendall from Charlestown with James on Saturdays.

10. For everything, everything, everything, everything!

11. Paul Westerberg once told me I smelled “really nice” in the parking lot of the Somerville Theatre and I almost fainted.

12. I’m a horrible driver.

13. I can play the piano poorly

14. I’ve seen U2 somewhere between 28-32 times.

15. I’m still bitter that Trish McEvoy #11 eau de parfum was discontinued (see #9).

16. I wish Death Cab for Cutie were not toddlers when I was in college. Their music would’ve provided some major catharsis for us ladies of the day.

17. I’m dying to go on a storm chasing vacation to tornado alley.

18. I feel helpless about my loved ones (and friends of loved ones) who are going through some terrible times right now.

19. My kids don’t flush the toilet, but they do swear often.

20. I’m not as easily impressed as you think I am. I’m usually just being nice.

21. I’m way too nice. I want to be less nice and more kind. There is a huge difference.

22. I love arguing but loathe confrontation.

23. Shabu Shabu anyone?

24. I don’t miss smoking as much as the camaraderie of it (Dreama)

25. Note to Tracy O: The next time we have a high school reunion, let’s go sledding with vodka instead.


bg said...

KJ - I enjoyed reading your thoughts and enjoy even more that I knew some of these things about you! I too would like to do some storm chasing. I secretly heart Twister. But I don't think Jackie would like to hit Kansas in March over Playa del Carmen. Neither do I really, but would like to storm chase some day.

Cols said...

#8---it's the "not liking cheese" that gets me every time! You must have super powers to avoid it because no matter how bad the heart burn I could not go without cheese, the ultimate in culinary creations!

Happy Jupiter in Aquarius to you my friend! It officially entered my fair sign at 10:42am today and is of good aspect to the Sags. May 2009 be the most prosperous yet!

KT said...

Hey KJ! Fully agree on #1 and #16 but beg to differ on the cheese thing. I know your aversion to a good ole fashioned sweaty cheese log, but I (like Monica Geller) could easily live in a house of cheese. Though it would be a bitch to clean.

Hope to see you at Kendall tomorrow!

And to the previous commenter - please advise what's up for us poor souls on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. I've been in a funk since the new year and can't figure out if it's lack of sleep, too much caffeine, a misalligned moon or all of the above.

Diana said...

I too want to hear more about Jupiter in Aquarius. Like F*er; I'm a sag and am desperate need of some prosperity!

F*ER -- I have good news for you. No. 11 is still at Neiman's. I saw a bottle perched on the counter just a month ago.

I'm too nice too. I always wished I could be a bitch but it's not in my DNA. I'm cursed with a sensitive soul. F*ck.

Alex said...

I'm laughing at #1 because I share the same sentiment, only for different reasons maybe. See, I'm not smart enough to not do the easy stuff. I wouldn't be able to get away with it. For me, not being punctual is leaving money on the table. And, if you're scoring at home, I'm taking those points (however many there are) and putting them in my pocket before the event that I'm on time for begins. I wrote this on NYE this year during youtube dance party:

If you’re not at least doing the easy stuff, you’re not trying.

Get out of bed.

Be punctual.

Don’t be a dick.

Enjoy your days.

KT said...

Someone please share this setiment with my husband. He is physically incapable of being on time for anything. He has lost more watches than I can count (intentionally, I'm sure). When I ask him to refer to the clock on his new iPhone, he points out that turned it off because he forgot to charge it (intentionally, I'm sure). As a structure-oriented and perpetually-punctual engineer, this has driven me crazy for nearly 20 years. Yet, somehow he insists that this is 'my issue'. So glad to hear I'm not alone!

Cols said...

My friend on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisce--hang in there. Things will slowly start to get better, especially beginning at the end of the month.

Diana (and the rest of my Sag pals) it hasn't been easy for you guys for a few months now. I'm going to go back as far as August, but really the late fall was when you started to not feel so hot, especially the last 6-8 weeks before Christmas. Mars was in Sag during that time and is not comfortable there. You may have been depressed or been feeling especially confused about the direction of your life. Things will get better now as Mars is comfortably in Capricorn and Jupiter just went into Aquarius and several other planets will be there next month. All good angles to my fire friends!

Hope that helps.

KT said...

Enormously, thank you!

KJ said...

Good angles for fire friends! Cols..thank you. You're usually right on target so it's refreshing to hear.

Alex, you have a great wee manifesto going there, as usual!

stevieb said...

kt, having been a good friend of your husbands for years, what james and I do is merely add 30 minutes to whatever time DT says he will be there then he is never late "taylor time" we call it

Anonymous said...

#26...weren't you also the one who spend an entire weekend learning the words to REM's End of The World As We Know It???...Mama G.