23 January 2009


CT scans: ALL CLEAR!

Bone scans: ALL CLEAR!

We've been thrown a bone this weekend and we plan on latching onto it like Vito on a leftover bone-in filet from Abe & Louie's!

More later...heading out to celebrate!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your positive thoughts and prayers! You have no idea how much strength you have given us!

xo KJ


Anonymous said...

I am so glad...I will continue to send more positive vibes your way...Have fun tonight. If anyone deserves a fun night you do.....Still here for you my friend...whatever you need.
Love, Tracy O

PattiO said...


WE'LL TAKE IT--Go out and have a blast tonight. Next week the army will be ready to start the battle.
Love You Both
Patti and Tom

Auntie Joanne said...

AWESOME!!!! We are so happy for you! Party till the cows come home ! You deserve it! A BIG HUG TO YOU, James, Caroline and Paul. I have the visual of Vito with the steak bone...

All our Love, Auntie Joanne and Uncle Michael.

Anonymous said...

Many prayers answered!!!! We'll keep praying!!! --Mama G.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I am sending all my prayers your way.

AP said...

Celebrate! Breathe deep! Don't worry a bit about CR with Caroline and Paul, joking. All our love to you and James. You deserve good news.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you received some good news. Praying for a complete triumph!


Roving Lemon said...

Yes! Finally, some good news. May it be the start of a trend. I hope you had a great celebration. Praying Down Under continues....

Love from N, D & B

Paula said...


Let's hope the good news keeps on coming :)


Dr. Nic said...

So great to see you and James tonight - we are here for you guys always.

Anonymous said...

Son of a gun. The prayers to Agatha are working. Have ya heard of her? Supposedly, she has a direct line to the buffoons you have encountered in the health care system as well as to bones and organs. I'll give her some of the credit for todays great news.

What sweet relief. I hope the tavern is fabu. I know you are in great company. Have a celebratory drink from me...Slainte my friend.

See you in the am? No worries if you are too tired. I get it.

Lets keep this trend going!!

Bean Down Under said...

What a great way to start my Saturday! Very happy to hear that the tests came back negative. I think this is going to be the first in a long string of good news events!

Lynnie said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

See you a little later this a.m. Love you guys.


Tony said...

KJ....I heard from Ernie about your cancer! SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS! I am sending positive thoughts your way. My fathers wife Peggy recently went through breast cancer and she kicked it! It can be done...and your right the treatments now have made major strides...so there is always hope. I don't know if your treatment will be the same as Peggy's....but if you want to talk with her to get any perspective...I am sure she would be happy to email.

Keep your good attitude!


Anonymous said...

Con grats, to you the good news is great. i am still waiting to hear, dont exspect to hear before thurs or fri. iam now on a catholic, protestant prayer list, hope they work.keep on yelling and screaming, it works . love

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate - we are rooting for you. Great news! Brian&Laura

Anonymous said...

Kate - What great news!!! Your positive attitude and all your friends thoughts and prayers paid off. I can think of a better way to start the weekend than with good news like that.


Jill said...

Hope you are still celebrating today...celebrate tomorrow too...love to hear the good news....you are in our thoughts...


Geff & Jill