26 June 2009

Life Ain't So Bad At All/Live Life Off the Wall

(Who did NOT have this poster?)

We returned home from a senior-citizen early dinner at the new Fours yesterday only to learn that Michael Jackson had died.  What a double whammy, the news coming just hours after Farrah's  Or triple whammy this week, really.  (Poor Ed McMahon) 

We fired up the iTunes library and had an MJ dance party with the wee brownies.  Later, Caroline and I fell asleep watching MJ videos on MTV.

I became irrationally angry over Rhianna's pilfering of "mama say mama sa mama coo sa" for one of her songs.  

Now, let's hope there is some peace.  

For Farrah and her iconic hair, peace from her cancer -- and from Ryan O'Neal.

Aside: Hopefully, we'll no longer be subjected to O'Neal crying on cue in the media.  He struck me as an insincere and opportunistic DB throughout her whole ordeal. 

For MJ, peace from all of his inner torment (and tormenters).  Hopefully his kids will have the childhood that he never had.  He will obviously live on forever through his music and videos.  

Anyone my age would be hard pressed to go back to any time in our lives where there isn't a Michael Jackson song playing in the background.  For me, it was "Off the Wall" at the ice skating rink when I was nine.   Trying to learn all the dance moves to "Beat It" in the St. Mary's schoolyard. Listening to the entire Thriller album (taped from vinyl) over and over on a hot pink boombox at the beach.  And that random song "Farewell my Summer Love."   The "We are the World" and "Say, Say, Say" videos.  "Man in the Mirror" playing in a club during  spring break in Bermuda and people forming a big dance circle.  I think one of the BLA prom themes was "I"ll Be There."  "Bad" and "Black & White" blaring at keg parties in college.  T-Bag doing the Thriller dance on Nantucket and inspiring others to do so at subsequent weddings.  Singing "Rock with You" as a lullabye to Caroline and Paulie.  

More than ever, I am wishing I had hair right now so I could pay tribute with some feathering and a jheri curl.  Luckily, it's been done before and documented.

Farrah's hair provided endless inspiration for throwbacks like me. 

Some MJ hair, albeit completely unintentional at the time.


Seven Songs of the Day 6/26/09

Let the madness and the music get to you..

1. Theme from Charlie's Angels
2. ABC
3. Shake Your Body Down to the Ground
4. Off the Wall
5. Rock with You
6. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
7. Man in the Mirror

**Bonus*** Dirty Diana (ouhh)  
(egregious omission the first time around, Cam)


Anonymous said...

KJ, this photo of the Farrah hair takes me back. If I am not mistaken I believe it was at our wedding, where PYT was on the play list.


Cameo said...

What? No Dirty Diana on the playlist?!

Life in Fourth Grade said...

So true, so true. ...My locker was filled with MJ posters and my Off the Wall album was scratched beyone repair when I was finished with it. (Apparently, I learned today) that I was a big singer of MJ songs, too :). Anyway- what a week. Let's hope next week is better (and thanks for the bday wishes). I'm gearing up for 40 more.

SAC said...

Rough week last week with the loss of Mj, now Billy the TV Infomercial guy starts off this week! Wow!
Great to see you the other day Kate, post the Gwen Higgins dance!
It is a great tribute to MJ!

Leigh said...

Joel was quite sad about MJ too, I think he listened to and played MJ on his guitar for the next 48 hours. He quickly learned the rockin van halen solo from Beat It for his band's show Saturday night at the Grand Canal. Then they did an impromptu Billy Jean performance for the enthusiastic crowd. Wanted to congratulate you on finishing your chemo, sorry I can't relate to the boob dilemma, never had them to begin with :). Glad the boys hung out last night, sounds like they all needed it. Your post about the SW at DF cracked me up, most SWs are crazy, take it from one. Congrats again!