22 June 2009

Sun, Sun, Sun on the Last Drip

Woo hoo! We're here at the DF for the final drip. It's appropriate that we started this journey on Ground Hog day because every Monday since Feb 2 has been some version of the same day: Up at dawn. Get coffee/green tea. Drive in gridlock listening to WERS and Jack Lapieres on the news. Valet the car. Go to DF10 to get blood drawn. Grab a pager and go to the caf to wait for chemo to be mixed. Read paper, go online, have snacks. Pager goes off. Back to 10th floor to mainline pre-meds, Herceptin and Taxol. James goes in search of Red Sox ticket lotteries and sandwiches. Ten minutes before the drip ends, he goes to get the car so we can tear off down Binney Street without slowing down. Sometimes, I've almost run out of there with the IV still in my arm. Today could be one of those days.

The better Mondays included chemo buds and cafe sandwiches. The worse ones, a camel nurse on Memorial Day (warded off, thankfully, by Nic's & Amy's giving of the stinkeye). It's been almost six months of ups and downs and there is an even longer road ahead, but today is a huge milestone. Even the late June clouds and dank cannot drag us down. The sun is shining. I will be back here every three weeks for Herceptin but that's an antibody, not a poison.

It's also brighter in here today due to the ginormous, beautiful flower arrangement from the Moschella clan with a card that simply read:"No More!" Right on.

The people watching here is usually depressing but even that's lightened, both literally and figuratively.

In the waiting room, a 50-ish woman in a hot pink bandana and auburn shag wig wears a t-shirt that says “Cancer Sucks!” The words are in large block letters that recall "Frankie Says Relax" (Dating myself. Let's do the time warp agaaain.)

As I'm getting my vital signs taken, a woman outfitted in lime green eyeglasses, lime green shoes, and lime green pants with yellow pineapples on them (The fruity equivalent of whale pants. Cue T-Bag sashaying by in tight-fitting jean jacket) takes the seat across from me. She begins staring at me while my while my IV nurse is tapping my veins. Then she keeps staring to the point where I am uncomfortable. Who is this lady and what is her fucking problem?"

Then she speaks:

LIMEGREEN: Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

ME: (Here we go) Mmm hmm.

LIMEGREEN: What was the name of that skating lady from Boston who got hit by Tonya Harding and some thugs?

ME: Nancy Kerrigan?

LIMEGREEN; Nancy Kerrigan! Right! Golly! It’s been driving me crazy all morning. Thank you so much!

I cracked up at the utter randomness but also at the fact that you really never know what is going through people's heads. Very often they aren't rude, just insane.

Drip, drip, drip. -- 32 minutes to go and then off to the Teddy Bear Picnic with a keg cup of wine.


Seven Songs of the Day - 6/22/09

1. Here Comes the Sun - Beatles

2. Dance, Dance, Dance - Lykke Li

3. Get Up - REM

4. Maybe Today - Ryan Montbleau

5. Rightstarter - Public Enemy

6. Sure Shot - Beastie Boys

7. Lovers in Japan - Coldplay


Anonymous said...

katie, hurray for you., last day, last drip. you sound super, as well you should. sorry i could not be there with you, have a big one for me.
luv, jojo

BG said...

KJ! I am so happy for you and proud of you. Congrats to you and the J5 family. Let the strength & success of this milestone carry on to the next. Enjoy your post-drip festivities.

"You Can't, You Won't And You Don't STOP!" Love the B-Boys.

stevieb said...

Such great news Katie!!

Anonymous said...

Great to read! It definitely is a brighter day! Prayers and good thoughts still coming your way.


Anonymous said...

yeeeeehawwwwwww!!!!!! xoxo,Dr. G.

Cameo said...

F*ckin' AWESOME!

Roving Lemon said...

You go KJ!

"Not rude, just insane" - words to live by.

Big hugs to all of you from Down Under - N, D & B

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Kate. Even if the sun ain't shining outside, it certainly is inside. Big Hugs.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Cheers, KJ! You are getting there!
Am I the only one who got the Polaner All Fruit wouldja please pass the jelly commercial? I nearly fucking died.Keep it up, girl. Hugs! KR

Anonymous said...

Way to go... and by the by... I am thinking Weston for the lady with the pineapple pants?... you are truly on the back side of this.... my word verification is fripunli as in.. I will celebrate being done with chemo with a large fripunli please!!!

Michelle said...

KJ - That's great news! Sending good vibes your way!


Bean Down Under said...

KJ - GREAT NEWS! You must be so pumped to have this part of your treatment behind you. Although the road ahead will have its hurdles its much easier to travel when you know you have the love and support of so many family and friends!

I am guessing Cambridge for the Nancy Kerrigan question....

Lets do a Border Cafe margarita dinner one of these weekends...now thats insane and random!!!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo unbelievably happy for you and James. It has been truly a long haul.

Now come visit us in CC. We leave Monday and would be overjoyed to celebrate this milestone with you and your gang.

My stinkeye remains steadfast and at the ready.

<3 amy

KT said...

You rock Ms. Jackson!

lpd said...

HIP HOP HOOOO-F'N-RAY, KJ! This calls for celebration.