20 August 2009

Voices of the Unintentionally Browless

Please check out my essay in the G section of today's Globe entitled "Brow Beaten."

When I was in the eighth grade, a friend arrived at school hiding her face behind a loose-leaf binder. Earlier that morning, she’d plastered her teased bangs with Aqua Net, lit a cigarette, and - poof! - burned her eyebrows off.

Though she tried to fill in her singed arches with a brow pencil, she still looked like a completely different person. Too much hairspray and the ill-timed flick of a lighter had rendered her totally expressionless. [Read more]


KT said...

Love it, Kate!!!! Congrats! Though you may feel "expressionless", we all know better. You rock!

BJBurke said...

I think I am the daughter of that eccentric aunt in the cat suit (but don't tell Jojo I said that). "Just let me pencil in some brows" was what she would say before we would head out anywhere.
Love you Jojo!

For the record, I think most fashion trends are actually accidents. For all we know someone mis-heard the french designer saying "I want all my models bra-less" and voila we have browless models.

Glad to see you back in print!


KT said...

"Gauchos" were definitely an accident. Did anyone really look good in them?

And for the record, I'm glad to see you back too! Browless, braless and brazen. XO!

chris said...


Have been following your blog for a while now - am so impressed that you are progressing through your ordeal with such grace, charm and wit. Wonderful to see you back in the Globe again. God bless.

Auntie said...

GREAT article Kate!

And... love the "gauchos" reference KT. I only owned 1 pair of gauchos in my life. There was a recall on Curious George dolls due to possible lead paint the in lettering. My mother returned my Curious George (who I slept with every night) and got me a pair of tan gauchos??? I have never forgiven her for this.

LPD said...

Kate, it WAS wonderful to see you back in the Globe. Brilliant and witty as ever. You make us proud.

I had a peach corduroy Gaucho & vest "suit". Wore it with pride on Easter 1979 with an Easter egg pin from Avon that had waxy perfume inside. Best day ever.

Rock on, KJ.

KT said...

OMG, LP! I swear, "peach corduroy gaucho & vest suit" are probably the funniest string of words I've heard in a very long time. And I can just picture you beaming with pride in your easter suit. Hysterical.

My gauchos, in fact, were RUST corduroy. They went with everything. Yea, you're jealous.

Anonymous said...

Miss your blog. Miss your updates. Miss your funny stories. Hope you start posting stuff again soon. Hope you are recovering well.