13 December 2010

No longer a misanthrope


Not Paulie.  Me. I am officially no longer a misanthrope. My faith in humanity has been shored up by some extraordinary kindnesses over the past two years, often in unexpected places.  This weekend: another testament to the random kindness of strangers.  Caroline and I had our girls' night at the Nutcracker a few weeks ago (thanks, Momma!) and Paulie and I had our own night out at the Bruins on Saturday night (thanks, Michelle P!).  We went super premium in the plush Heineken Boardroom.  Before we sat down, Paulie plotted his mission to get on the Jumbotron and I lingered by a carving station with a glass of pinot noir.  A group of men sitting in the front row saw Paulie and I trying to find a seat.  They all got up and rearranged their row so we could sit in the leather club chairs right up front.  Though he was the youngest kid in the Boardroom, Paulie got everyone on their feet, led the "Let’s go Bruins" chant and got up on the  Jumbotron twice before the game even started.  He treated our seat neighbors to his best Rene Rancourt impersonation, complete with fist pump.  Then he removed his yellow Bs cap, placed it over his heart and belted out the National Anthem.  

Lord of the Jumbotron
It was  heartwarming to see strangers enjoying his company, *appreciating* him and being right on board with his passion and silliness and incessant toasting with Sprite.  He told his new friend Jack that his favorite player was Tyler Seguin and that Tim Thomas rocked.   Jack disappeared for a bit during the third period. When he returned to the Boardroom, he handed Paulie a bag.  Inside: a brand new Seguin shirt from the Pro Shop.   Still flying high from his third appearance on the Jumbotron, Paulie became positively elated.  I thought he was going to faint.  I teared up and thanked Jack for his generous gesture.  He waved it off.  "Merry Christmas! He's a great little guy!"

There's a lot of good will floating around out there lately.  I need to plug into it.  I love the stories about people buying coffee for the drivers behind them in line at the Dunkies drive thru. I may have to start drinking coffee again.

And more good will.  Last week, a local company, Brownstone Insurance, pledged to donate $5 to Paula's family for every person who "Likes" their Facebook page.  Watching that number go from 12 to 1,200 within an hour of posting...let's just say I haven't cried that hard since the Apple store replaced my shattered iPhone free of charge even though it was past warranty.  Unexpected places.  Not a misanthropic bone in my body.

So I'm on a MISSION today to do a random good deed.   Any ideas? 

Boulos and I in the Boardroom


Anonymous said...

Try the CCC found here: cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Kate, I am teary eyed...WOW...the kindness of strangers (or new friends) is amazing :) -Mama G

K.R. said...

He is so stinkin' cute.

Anonymous said...

Tearing up.. what a great night, and you with your faith restored... A random act is just that... the next time you feel a little bad/empathetic for someone.. just do something to make them smile... It works... i am one of those drivers who buys for the person behind me the week of christmas...

Thanks for the uplift!!!!


Anonymous said...

So, so, so, so glad to have you back on the PU. That is an act of kindness that you have given us poor schlubs who have been missing your musings for so long. Welcome back!