28 December 2010

Scenes from the Blizza

For hours, we sat slackjawed in front of the TV, Wii, and iPad.  Then we figured out how to turn Apples to Apples Disney Edition into a drinking game.  Some gratuitous shots from a serious snow day:

James tackles the heartattack snow while Caroline pelts him with icy snowballs and Vito
hampers progress.

James scares the shit out of the photog.

Vito cools his junk on a snowbank.


No creature tracks yet.
Bunny-sitting:  One of the rare shots of Zippy that doesn't include Vito trying to wheelbarrow
her cottontail.
There were balls and gravy.

And snowy trees.
And more snowy trees.  Pretty.


BJBurke said...

What is it about a snow day that brings out the balls and sauce in all of us?

lpd said...

Agreed, BJBurke... Indeed.

KJ said...

So true. It's all about the balls and sauce, BJ. LPD, I have your balls and sauce pot from the other week that I must return..reluctantly. xx

PJR said...

KJ, you haven't changed one wacky bit!!! I can hear your little chuckle in every picture caption!!

Dr. Nic said...

You have a bunny? Since when!!
Love the photos.

KJ said...

Nic: We are bunny sitting for our friends who are in Ireland for the week!

PJR: thx! Trying to stay as wacky as possible these days :)