03 March 2011

Random Quizzilla

1. What is your favorite time of the day?
Usually the very beginning or the very end, depending upon the day.  Yesterday, it was lunch time. Had a superlative lunch and prosecco toast at Sportello with Doreen, one of my dearest friends, former editor and Eastie cohort who is officially five years cancer free this month. 
2. Tell me about your grandparents.
Maternal grandparents:  Aurora (Nana Rora) & Charles (Papa Charlie).  Nana Rora worked in town and also cared for my Italian-speaking great grandparents -- Big Nana and Big Papa -- who lived upstairs.  Papa Charlie worked as a bricklayer in the Charlestown Navy Yard.  Both died very young so my memories are limited (MF cancer).  I remember Charlie swirling ice in his drink and always having one of the grandkids on his lap.  I remember Nana Rora being glamourous. She wore Chanel No. 5 and was always dressed up, including hair and make-up, even while cooking four-course Sunday dinners. She brought us Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins after work every Monday night.  Paternal grandmother:  Mary Agnes (Nana Rie). I've written about her extensively on this blog. She went by "Marie" most her life, having told everyone her real name was Marie Antoinette. She always disliked her nunnish name, which certainly didn't suit her.  Nana Rie was a single mom who worked as a secretary. She took the train to work every day and once boarded it wearing only a slip because she'd forgotten to put her skirt on that morning. This may have happened more than once.  At age 37, she got breast cancer. This was the 1940s when it was a death sentence.  She died in perfect health after being struck by a car on her way home from a dance class at age 81.

3. When was the last time you were truly startled?
The other day, a freakish wind gust caught the storm door and slammed it so hard against the side of the house that I was convinced (convinced!) it was a home invasion.  Shit! I slid across the kitchen in my fleece socks and headed for the back door.

Of course, Vito was right on it:

Are you shitting me?

The V himself was startled moments later when some curious flamingos flocked our front yard.  He charged at them but quickly retreated when he realized they weren't dispersing the way seagulls do on the beach.


4. How have you changed in the past year?
I'm more of a morning person and a homebody these days. I still love to stay up late and get out on the weekends, but during the week it's like Grey Gardens in here.  The house would have to be on fire to get me out the door after 6 p.m. on weeknights  -- except for Flash Mob rehearsals, of course.

5. Name something thing you consider a "bonus" in your life.
Having some friends who are musicians.  Winning!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Flash mob! When's our next chance? I'm ready to kick this heretofore purely electronic-platonic girl-crush into high gear. Sincerely, YouKnowWhoIAm

Anonymous said...

1) Dusk!
2) I was a mistake! My sister is 17 yrs older then me. Both sets of my grandparents passed away way before I was born.
3) When the belt of my coat got caught in the escalator at Copley last year!
4) I am fatter but in better shape I don't know why.
5) The PU! :))

Magnanimous said...

LOL Vito I love you. sly doggie!

EPB said...

1. The early morning. Fresh brewed coffee, early news, followed by the Today show. Saturday and Sundays are the best (when I was good the night before)
2. Paternal: no memories due to them passing away when I was very young. I am named after my Dad's father: Ernest, who liked to be called 'Eddie'...go figure.
Maternal: My grandfather was very very quiet and straight laced. I have memories of him cutting the roast beef on Sunday dinners with his electric knife. My grandmother "Molly" was the complete opposite of her husband. She could have her own post, from sneaking into speak easy's to going to T-Dance in Ptown with her sister who was a nun!
3. I don't startle too easy. Must have been when my roommate jumped out of somewhere when I was coming home.
4. Too many ways to list.
5. The past 20+ years.

KJ said...


"5. The past 20+ years."

That is a bonus for all of us, my dear. Love you.

Anonymous said...

1-Stepping on the train home.
2-Long dead.
3-Thought I saw KJ at PF Changs!
4-Don't ever change.
5-Betty Ann's Food Shop is still open.

Anonymous said...

1 morning when I am well rested. Lv my tea.
2.Maternal grandfather passed away when I was too young no memory. Grandmother Nona passed away at106. She was as mean as they come but loved me. Had the oldest hands that I loved to hold.
Paternal only memory of grandfather was sitting on his lap eating candy out of the dish. Grandmother was always cooking lebenese food. Was calm and fun to be around like my mom.
3. Today coming home from work Carrie stood behind the door and scared the sht out of me.
4. Not much. Skied again in the trees. Forgot how much fun that is.
5. Kate is an amazing cook.