12 February 2009

Things that Come in the Mail

The upside to this cancer bullshit is that I'm getting a lot more snail mail these days -- a long forgotten joy. I've received cards, hilarious and heartfelt. Several CDs. People have loaned me their own tokens and charms to help ward off evil spirits and freaky cells. I also received a big picture of Patrick Dempsey's face. (I have a strange, inexplicable aversion to that guy's face, so now I have something readily available should I ever have the urge to destroy something.) Earlier this week, I got an actual six-page LETTER, two-sided on yellow legal paper, from my friend Holly. It even included some illustrations of her lifting weights with two old ladies, one of whom apparently has a massive rearend, the other of whom had BC and a double mastectomy and is now a force to be reckoned with at the gym.

Last night, I opened a card from my cousin BJ and this absolute GEM -- Nana Rie's senior T Pass -- fell out. I almost hit the floor right along with it.

And so it will be added to my growing bag of talismen which is always along for the ride.

*** 7 Songs of the Day 2/12/2009

1. Give me Love - George Harrison
2. A Few Minutes of Silence - Paul Westerberg
3. Movin' On Up - Primal Scream
4. Good Time Coming - Something Happens
5. A Life of Sundays - Waterboys
6. All Possibilities - Badly Drawn Boy
7. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight - Beatles

-Courtesy of LPD


KT said...

Thank you, LPD!! I needed a little Movin' On Up this morning!! Love it.

Dr. Nic said...

And look, Nana Rie is wearing pink !

Anonymous said...

Every time you find yourself feeling down. Pull out that picture of Patrick Dempsey, look at it and scream "YOU SHIT ON MY HOUSE!!!!"


Hang in there!!!

KJ said...

Hahahaha!! That would probably be very therapeutic. I actually didn't mind his face back then; it's transformed into something smarmy and unearnest. I wish he'd go back from totally chic to totally geek.

Anonymous said...

Kit -
I wish I had those rockin silver underwear to mail you. Remeber those from back in the day. When I took them out of the dryer they would burn my hand. On second thought, the skivies did not bring me good luck at all!!! But it would have been a good laugh.


Roving Lemon said...

Nanas have powers beyond our comprehension, no matter where they are! Glad so much positive energy is flowing your way.


Anonymous said...

Hi again,
I don't know if it's of interest to you, but the wig can be very itchy. I also got these bozo type pieces at the wig shop at either Dana or Beth Israel. You put a baseball cap or any hat on top. They're much more comfy. I cut them shoulder length and put a ponytail on it. My kids appreciated it...they wanted me to look as "normal" as possible. I also have a friend who makes bball caps w/ponytail attachments for Dana if you're intersted. Hang in there. Lynne Bean

Anonymous said...

you can also take your own hair and have a "hip hat with hair"
made. I wish I had long hair like you (or at at least your picture makes you look like a good canidate) These are very comfortable, the summer is VERY hot for wigs! The company is on line, move fast it will be coming out fast!

lpd said...

Look at Nana Rie! "That's right, I'm gettin' on the T, lookin' fine in my pink blouse." A beautiful woman. There is something about a photo ID that just makes you smile. I wish Cameo still had her college ID. Once, when I was feeling blue about not getting into the same dorm as all our friends, she used her photo ID to cheer me up...and it worked. Although that was nearly 20 years ago, "THANKS CAMEO!" You made me smile again today. And thank you too, Nana Rie. She may become the posterwoman for our "F You, Cancer" campaign.

PS...glad you liked the mix, KT!

Cameo said...

I think I still have that ID somewhere! I think I have a new weekend project. F*Er -- I may have it in my back pocket at The DF on Monday if you need a laugh.