27 October 2006

Dinner Club *CTRL ALT DEL* Suppah Club

Jess challenged Suppah Club's unstodgy tradition last night at Asian C, kick-starting a discussion about health insurance providers over a boat o' sushi. She proceeded to refer to our monthly event as "Dinner Club" -- a thinly-veiled attempt to make Suppah Club a swishier affair.

We hit "ctrl alt delete" and rebooted Suppah Club to its native form.

Back to status quo: Goy thought she detected a hint of Midori in her Cosmo and eyed the bartender suspiciously while passing her drink around for inspection. Paige got a splinter from one of her chopsticks, prompting a tiny table triage overseen by LPD (WMD was an EMT after all) CameOH regaled us with a strange occurance in her office, one that was undoubtedly sparked by her near-seat experience with Barack Obama on a Boston-bound plane last week.

To Auntie being back on the booze. To photos of Baby Jack in circulation. To the Dell'Olios' beautiful new home in Norwell (more on that later). These are the reasons that this was the most well-attended, most celebrated Suppah Club since its inception in Feb '05.

And Cameo is delighted to be OFF Suppah Club probation.

"Shiraaaaaaz. Shiraaaaaz."
PROPS to Goy for putting it all together.

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Scott said...

You guys LOVE Asian C! (get it - Asian Sea? - YAH!)

CTRL+ALT+DEL = I'm logging off and leaving work.

Hey KJ - I just made you $.03. I like Appt Reminders so much I clicked it twice.