04 October 2006

Sad Cell

It’s official. I am O-L-D. My birthday isn’t until next month but I reached an even more disturbing benchmark the other night while having a drink and app with my brother.

My cell phone rang so I pulled up its crooked antenna and flipped it open. I couldn’t hear whose voice was on the other end because it was drowned out by hysterical laughter. Paul was laughing and pointing…at my phone. Laughing at the curve of the antenna, the fact that it even had a retractable antenna, laughing at its pathetic polyphonic ring tone and good God look at the size of that thing…it’s huge!

Paul took his cell phone out of his pocket. It was a sleek, silver Razr, the size of a stick of Trident gum. Its old school ring tone was perfectly ironic and digital. It takes pictures, is fully Web enabled and will do pretty much everything except mix you a martini and pick up after your dog.

"You need to do something about that," said Paul, still laughing and pointing.

The music hasn’t gotten too loud and I haven’t abandoned all sense of fashion yet but I have reached the first milestone. Apparently the cell phone is the first thing to go.


KT said...

Oh my god. I have the same Flintstone phone! How sad are we. I've officially decided to dis Nextel and move to Sprint - motivated in large part by the fact that they have way cooler phones. As long as I can retain my 80s throw-back "Take On Me"-refrain ringtone... I'm there. Maybe your new phone can hang with my new phone sometime soon. Cawl me.

KJ said...

KT-One of the my fondest moments of this summer was sitting at Tavern on the Water with you guys, hearing that A-HA ring and watching in utter disbelief as David answered the phone as if the ring tone were his. Good times. We need new phones and tones. Otherwise, we're going to wake up one day wearing a housecoat in a Wal-mart.

SAC said...

I cannot believe that "Bag Phone's" are out!!! What will I do?