02 April 2007

Random Quizzilla

1. In what year of your life did you change the most?
2004. After birthin' two babies, I found it difficult to adjust to a life where I couldn't just run up the street to CVS to buy some lip balm and lightbulbs.

2. I really hate it when ________________________.
I really hate it when I mistakenly think some hands-free headset geek is talking to me at Panera. It's always some stressed-out corporate raider who looks like he/she slathered his/her face with Vaseline. I usually address him/her politely: "Excuse me? Did you just say something?" My pleasantries are often met with an annoyed look and flash of earpiece. Whatever, Headset. If you're so busy and important, why are you stuffing your face with an egg souffle at a suburban lifestyle center at 10 a.m. Get thee to a windowless conference room in the financial district immediately. You smell like burnt bagels.

3.When you can’t go to sleep, what is your personal remedy for drifting off into Lullabye Land?
It used to be Ambien or Trazodone until a few month ago when James found me in the bathtub at 3 a.m. knocking over the shampoos and deep conditioners, nearly pulling down the shower curtain. I was totally sleepwalking and had no recollection of it the next morning. I flushed the pills and am now back to my regular insomniac ways: Up late, reading, blogging, watching Conan while doing yoga stretches and having a couple of glasses of Cavit. I tend to get sleepy around 1 am when the commercials for Head On and Tiger Balm are starting to represent.

4. What is your favorite pasta dish?
Pasta Arrabbiata. SPICY & HOT w/ tomatoes. Unfortunately, it's tough to find an Arrabbiata done right. Even when we were in Italy, we couldn't find the perfect saucy balance of red peppers and Roma tomatoes. When we got home, we learned that D'Parma has a yummy Arrabbiata recipe that they won't share. I also experienced a memorable dish at Assaggio in the North End ala Brownguy who called in the order late-night a few years ago. Recipe, please?

5. Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?
Even though we've had some wild episodes down there, I have to say Nantucket. For some reason, I always feel calm and in my element on that island. The place has the same effect on my psyche that the island on Lost has on its castaways. I'm still looking for the hatch. I heard it's somewhere around Orange Street.


lpd said...

1. The year my dad died.

2. I really hate it when strangers who lack spatial awareness hover within 12 inches of me in perfectly open spaces. Especially when its a "heavy walker" clomping along behind me. Step aside, Dummy.

3. I find the best remedy for falling asleep is reading or writing in a journal.

4. Favorite pasta dish is classic "macaroni and gravy" (as my Worcester-born Italian-American husband would call it) with meatballs, or this fusilli dish with spicy tomato sauce, black olives and chicken.

5. I agree with KJ: to me, Nantucket is the most soothing place on earth. Nothing like sitting on Surfside and feeling like you're half a world away. *sigh*

KT said...

1. Definitely 2001 - when David was born. It's been a blur of craziness ever since. A blissful blur. But still a blur.

2. People stand on escalators - or even worse, moving sidewalks. Have American's become so unbelievably lazy that they can't walk 20 yards!!?? They're not selling tickets when you get on. IT'S NOT A FRICKIN' RIDE!!!! KEEP MOVING LARD-ASS!

3. I can never not go to sleep. (I've fallen asleep at red lights.) This really pisses off my insomniac husband.

4. Nothing like a good cheese ravioli with marinara. But, if I'm being honest, lately I've been trending toward Annie's Bunnies and Cheese. It's there. I eat it.

5. Maheo. Hang out on the dock in the morning with a cup of coffee. Nothing but mist on the lake and the sound of the loons. Magic.

EPB said...

1. 1996

2. When my DVR cuts off the last 5 minutes of a program due to the show running beyond the scheduled time slot. I know there is a way to put buffer on either end of the recording time but I have been too lazy to figure that out.

3. 99% of the time I am fast asleep before the first commercial comes on when I put my head to the pillow. If not, I pop a couple of NyQuil cold capsules.....

4. Anything with bolognese sauce. I would put that crack sauce on pancakes if I had it available at 8:00 am on a Saturday or Sunday.

5. PTown early in the morning when most people are fast asleep but the sun has been up for an hour or so. The dunes and the beaches are so quiet it really lets you unwind.

james said...

1) Have to go with Carolines arrival which happens to be 4 years ago today.
2)When people pitch butts out the window. I heard recently some new cars don't have ash trays..
3)I sleep as soon as I close my eyes. Joined Netflix recently and have not seen a full movie yet.
4)A tomato sauce with a pork base and meatballs. Just like Mom use to make.
5)My backyard. Never thought I would like a big yard but its fun.

jal said...

1. 1988 When I moved to Boston.
2. My next door neighbors park in front of my house. Especially when I've shoveled out the spot. City kids my ass.
3. Lay there and wait for it to happen. I've found nothing that works.
4. It used to be Beef Stroganof (sp?) my Mom would make it for every birthday but then I became a vegetarian so now it's just about anything in a pink sauce. D'Parma yum!!!
5. Provincetown. You CAN have the best of both worlds.

sb said...

1. In what year of your life did you change the most?
I can’t really say that I’ve changed over the past 14 years. If I had it was too blurry for me to realize it.

2. I really hate it when people throw trash out the car window – very similar to James’ comment on cigs going out the window too. Napkins, gum wrappers, cigarette plastic wrap. What’s wrong with these people? When they punch out at 5pm do they leave for Saturn or something? (Maybe it’s Uranus – he he). Either way, dump it on the floor of your car until you hit the next Dunkins, gas station or any other public place that has a gazillion trash cans available for your lazy ass. I hate those f*ckers.

3. When you can’t go to sleep, what is your personal remedy for drifting off into Lullabye Land? I don’t have any issues going to sleep. Unless I’m sick in which case I take a beefy shot of Nyquil. From there I can count the minutes until I’m out. It’s like a poor man’s anesthesia.

4. What is your favorite pasta dish? Hands down – Blackened Chix Pasta from Joe’s. That and a glass (bottle) of red and I’m destined for #3 above.

5. Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil? I hate to be unoriginal but I agree it’s Lovers Lane on Nantucket. Sitting on that beach, feeling like I’m an extra in Jaws is top notch.

sb said...

KJ - by the way, I don't think I can get a copy of the arrabbiata recipe from Assagio - McGahan doesn't work there anymore. Although I used to be friendly with one of the waitresses there so this is not dead yet.

lpd said...

"get friendly"...that's priceless SB. heh heh

KJ said...

Right on..get busy, Brownie :) I found another arabbiata recipe that I'm going to try some time next week. James is not a fan of three-alarm tomato sauces so I'll be looking for guinea pigs with ballsy tastebuds...anyone?

sb said...

I too cannot handle spicy foods, KJ. When I order buffalo tenders I ask for them mild and I'm still coughing from the fumes before the plate even hits the table.