17 April 2007

When "a Little Sauce, a Little Cheese" is Definitely Something to be Afraid of

I don't know which is better -- this clip of a fan getting smacked with a large slice of cheese or Jerry Remy & Don Orsillo's giggly commentary about it. This dude is just lucky WMD wasn't in the vicinity as the hurled concession would have been a large meatball sub. Meatballs of fury.

In this context, J. Wiley's old adage needs a disclaimer: "A little sauce, a little cheese...nothing to be afraid of." ***

*** Unless it's coming at you at 100 mph.


sb said...

I love it when Remy goes off on a tangent like that, and Orsillo just giggles in the background. What will we do when Remy retires???

KJ said...

BG: Doesn't the guy sitting to the right of the pizza-receiver look like Michael "Meat" Wall? IS IT?

KJ said...

AKA "oh michael"

sb said...

Sorry, KJ. I'm not seeing the Meat man. Of course you probably still have nightmares of him from what you've witnessed.

KJ said...

There will always be a tiny scar on my soul, BG.

We ran into him on Yawkey Way last year. It's been 15 years and that's still all I can picture.