16 April 2007

Patriot's Day Quizzilla

1. Have you or anyone you know run the Boston Marathon before?

As a rule, I don’t run anywhere except from danger or to the loo. Not to mention, I get winded running up a flight of stairs. However, some of my athletic pals who have plenty of self-discipline and fortitude have completed the 26-mile trek: LPD, Auntie & Brownguy. Very proud! KT is actually running today amid the leftovers of yesterday’s Nor’Easter: 25mph headwinds and 50mph gusts. You can check her progress at www.baa.org. Her bib # is 22,999. Go KT!!!

2. Are you going to the finish line today?

No. As I write this, I am in a conference room downtown on a call that is serving no other purpose other than to satisfy some people’s need to hear themselves talk. I haven’t made a peep. I’m pretending to take copious notes on my laptop and am becoming an expert at avoiding eye contact. It’s too foggy outside to stare out the window and daydream. Moments ago, I found myself staring into space thinking about how sick I am of wearing boots. Wow. There is absolutely NO reason for me to be here. Face time is overrated.

3. What are your most recent or fondest Marathon Monday memories?

The most fun ones were the days we’d go to the Patriot’s Day Red Sox game and then meander over to Boylston Street to catch the end of the race. Just three years ago, James and I attended the Sox & Yankees game and it was close to 90 degrees (only 45 degrees today). We didn’t make it to the Marathon, however, as I was eight months pregnant and too wobbly for the crowds.

The previous year, we all gathered on the corner of Hereford & Boylston to cheer on Brownguy as he rounded the final corner. When we spotted him, he was waving his arms and pumping his fists and looking in the complete opposite direction.

Two years before that, we cheered on LPD and Auntie from the same location. There were some annoying BC kids in front of us busting into that tired “Eagles on the warpath oooh aaaah” chant every 10 seconds. Even Code Red, a BC alum, wanted to “burn them.” After our pals crossed, we headed over to Bukowski's to toast their accomplishments.

4. Have you ever fainted in public? If so, where and when?

Yes. Many years ago, I completely passed out on the MBTA Blue Line. It was a hot and humid day and there was no air conditioning on the train. I was standing up and remember seeing white spots and trying to sit down on some woman’s lap in front of me before I lost consciousness. The next thing I knew, the train conductor was elevating my legs on someone’s briefcase at Government Center.

I almost passed out at a fundraiser in Back Bay a few summers ago. Again, it was super hot, there was zero air conditioning and I was about three months PG. Cameo squirreled me into the ladies room before I lost it.

This past weekend, I woke up feeling like I’d swallowed a loofah. I had a high fever (but didn’t know it) and got a touch of vertigo at an REI sale I attended with James. I was ok when I got outside into the fresh air but I was forced to cancel lunch plans with EPB as well as a long-anticipated hair appointment. I spent half the day in a self-induced Nyquil coma and the other half shivering beneath a comforter on the couch watching the Red Sox game. As I lay there, my kids piled stuffed animals and Matchbox cars on top of me and kept putting dish towels over my face.

5) Name something(s) that you recently found amusing.

-Caroline and Paulie singing “Charles Has a Licking Problem” in the car, absolutely flawlessly.
-Learning about a weekly email exchange between Bags and T-Bag involving old Carvel Ice Cream Cake commercials about Fudgy the Whale, Hug Me the Bear, and Cookie Puss.
-A bike courier singing “ba-ba-DA-DA” to himself at the security desk this morning. He had his iPod on and was clearly listening to that Gym Class Heroes’ song that samples Supertramp: “Take a look at my girlfriend/she’s the only one I got ba-ba-DA-DA.” The security guards were looking at him like he was nuts. I love when people just don't care.


Anonymous said...

1. I've run it three times. Not this year.
2. Watched at a colleague's house in Brookline.
3. Finishing in 2005.
4. Never.
5. The Pointy Universe.

james said...

1) Never ran it and never will. Hate running. Worse words growing up "take a lap".
2) I went to the finish line yesterday. Kate went in-town to work for the day and I had the little buggers. They talked from 6AM to 8PM. Don't know how my parents 7kids, Dunny's 9, BMac 8, Pete 6, Bean 7, Carter 8 did it...
3)Never too crazy about the Marathon. Too crowded in the City. Sox early is fun though.
4)Never Fainted. Came close at a wedding. Just too hot, plus wine in the car on the way with a hangover. Been knocked out a few times.
5) Kates latest kooky "Detox Method" tons of hot water with Lemon. I'll probably stop at Hannifors on the way home for more lemons.

KJ said...

I am going to need more lemons.

lpd said...

1. Yep, ran Boston three times.

2. Wish I could have gone to the finish line to see KT KICK ARSE, alas, I had to be at work.

3. As a runner: Finishing; seeing the faces of family & pals along the route; running by Wellesley College (there is nothing like it) and good times training with Auntie and later, Bags. As a spectator: Watching the race while sitting out the window at The Cactus Club with Crazy Jon Becker & friends, margarita in hand.

4. Nope, I've never fainted. (Passed out a few times, though...)

5. A recent conversation between WMD and Jonesy about an old elementary school classmate, recently dubbed "The Bouj" who wore camoflague clothing and would attempt unsuccessful backflips off their gymnasium bleachers.

"Charles Has Licking Problem" - also very amusing.

jal said...

1. A gym teacher of mine from high school used to run it. When I lived in the Fenway I used to go to St. Mary's to watch it and woudl get inspired and think I should do that but it faded soon enough. I've always loved the guy that runs every year with a beer can dangling from his hat like he's chasing it for the entire marathon.

2. Nope. Working renovating our kitchen and helping my friend Heather move into her new condo in Chelsea.

3. Fond memories from many years ago of going to Avalon the night before and hanging around Copley Square after spending the night at the South End condo of international drag sensation Candy Cane. Now - it's too crowded and this year the weather sucked or maybe I'm too old.

4. Never fainted or pased out ever.

5. My coworker not remembering what happened Friday night after going out for drinks after work but finding a random picture on her camera (only one from the whole night) with some guy mugging in the background. Glad I left early to work on aforementioned home renovations.