06 July 2007

Dayna's No Jinx

I know this post is a week late but I had to exorcise Storyland from my being first.

Before any mentions of the jinx, let the record show that Dayna attended the 6/29 Sox game and they won. So she is not the reason our annual outing on 6/30 ended in yet another crushing loss. I'm beginning to wonder if our presence at the game together conjures some karmic kibosh that causes the inevitable, continuous tanking. While we initially blamed Bill's fuzzy fu manchu for sucking the mojo out of Fenway, it was Dayna who took it on the chin for the loss, receiving a barrage of 7th inning Blackberry messages imploring her to please vacate the park immediately.

Emotions were running high to begin with. I spent the better part of the evening verklempt. It began when EPB completely blindsided me pregame at Canestaro announcing that he's leaving for Australia next week. Another time, I became unglued when the Fenway crowd gave Jacoby Ellsbury, in his first MLB game, a standing ovation for his first hit. What followed were some well-deserved taunts and blackmail photos snapped of me trying to hide the fact that I cried a little.

Aside from the loss, the annual outing was fine enough to warrant a reprise this August. Hopefully, we'll be tricked out at Fenway in all the fashionable FBI garb that Dayna can muster. Good times.


james said...

Becket had not lost in his last 8 starts. Dayna shows and he throws a stinker. The Mass border should be patroled during the playoffs to make sure she stays South.

Anonymous said...

Dayna leaves Friday's game early and they win. She stays Saturday and they lose. Coincidence? I think not.

James said...

Has Dayna been around Boston the last few Days. Seems to be a peculiar slide for the hometown team?