31 July 2007

Police @ Fenway

The Police at Fenway. While we've been looking forward to it for months, expectations were tepid. But it turned out to be an amazing show, an event, an all around good time. Few shows are memorable these days so this was a welcome surprise. Standout tunes: Truth Hits Everybody, Bed's Too Big Without You, King of Pain, Synchronicity II -- pure adrenaline. On the way home, the post show rehash: "Wasn't crazy about the versions of 'Walking in your Footsteps' and 'So Lonely.' 'Next to You' wasn't as energetic as I'd hoped." Then we realized: We just saw The Police, at Fenway, in the summer, on a Sunday night, in the 10th row. We're in dire need of shutting up and soaking in the fantastic reality of the evening.

Before the show, we met at P and Maria's for a cookout and were supposed to meet up with KT at the Foundation Lounge but deep into the pre-show dilly dally, we totally ran out of time. Boo. We pulled into Pete's secret squirrel alley parking spot and then ended up at Tequila Rain (again), the perpetual last resort.

I took some videos of the show, figuring that'd be better than still photos. Wrong. Taking video while dancing/wobbling on way-high shoes is a bad idea. I'm afraid if I post the vids, someone will have a seziure ala Japanese-Pokemon.


( I love my pants)

My bellies. Seratonin skyrocketing.

Southie, al fresco

Jimmy and I look like we're on a bus.

Oh, hello, Peter.

Miss a turn on Route 1?

Sporting a blousy white linen shirt, goatee, and wee bit of a mullet, Norty channels guy-from-Saugus-chic...and completely pulls it off.


Empty Dunkin Dugout


THE AFTERMATH: Went back to P & Maria's for a foolish indulgence in pork products after midnight. Late night sausages. Another bad idea.

An email from James Monday morning via Billy Dee: "From the Inside Track: 'Spotted: Police guitarist Andy Summers dining at Davio’s and chatting up fellow patron and vintage rocker Peter Wolf.' I'm surprised they were able to keep him off the stage." The man who ruins everything.


Anonymous said...

KJ, Was at Sat nite's show. Awesome. Even better than '83 I thought. No Bring on the Night, though, the only flaw.

KJ said...

Better than '83? Wow. You really think so? That's pretty big. Wasn't there (wanted to be) so I can't compare.

Anonymous said...

How could you've been there, you were only 3 years old, right

I would say it was right up there with the '83 show, if not better. Maybe it was Fenway Park. I had some nosebleeds at Foxboro.

KJ said...

HA! Funny.

I can see that. I hate Stadium shows -- they're always cold and unintimate. Fenway isn't a great place to see a show either -- it's more about the cool factor there. The Police were definitely the best show I've seen at Fenway, though.

Steve Morse had a great piece last week about the Police shows at Foxboro, the Paradise and the Rat. Can't beat club shows!

Anonymous said...

I saw that and the fancy audio slideshow too. I thought that guy was supposed to be retired? When are they giving you your own column, anyway?

KJ said...

I think someone has to die first.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. can that be arranged?

KJ said...

Nah. (Thanks, though) It's a dying industry.

sb said...

The Sat night show was fantastic too. It was my first Fenway concert and I loved every minute of it. Being in CF, so close to the Monster and close enough to the stage was a treat. I'm bummed they didn't play "It's Alright for You" though. That's a kickin tune.

KJ said...

BG-I wish we all went the same night. Enjoyed the picture mail from Cameo, however.

I agree. I would've happily traded "Wrapped around your Finger" for some "It's Alright for you" I would've toppled right over in my way-highs.

Cameo said...

After a torrential rain pour, the stars aligned on Saturday night to bring what I thought was one of the best shows I've seen in a long, long time. It could have been the Fenway vibe, the full orange moon, Sting's pecks or a combination of all, but whatever it was it was incredible. Thanks to Brownguy for the invite.

KJ said...

Right on.

OK -- next week's shows...Beastie Boys, Muse, Crowded House.

I'm in a quandary.

sb said...

Holy Crap the B-Boys are playing? I just found it. Mon 08/06 at the B of A Pavilion? You've got to be kidding. Who's going? Who wants to go???

james said...

Definately interested in the Beastie Boys. DT and Whitey are going. I'll see whats on Craigslist.

I had a tight grip on Kate from 9 on so she didn't topple over on the way high -highs. It was close a few times...

KT said...

So sorry we didn't hook up with you guys! Will do next time. I agree with your assesment of the show. Overall, a fantastic night. WHEN'S THE NEXT SHOW? I'm so totally there. Still beaming.