06 August 2007

Crowded House @ Pavillion

(Neil & Nick)

I fell in love with Crowded House in the summer of 86. Their tape took up residence in my Sony Walkman in July and stayed for the better part of the year before cracking in half from overplay. It was one of the first albums I'd ever heard where I felt every song applied to everything going on around me at the time.

So when I heard they were coming to Boston, I knew I was going to go. Of course I was. I didn’t make any plans, get tickets or find out if anyone wanted to come with me but there was no question. So, the day of the show, I made plans, got tickets and found pals to come with. KT signed on immediately, especially since we'd missed each other at the Police last week. Code Red, horrified that she didn't know they were in town, said "Yes, please" to Crowded House -- with an ocean breeze -- at the Pavillion.

(KT: “Yeah, that’s right. I’m 40.”)
We squeezed into a jam-packed LTK where we were carded two different times by three different bartenders. We thought the fact that we were going to Crowded House was ID enough, but graciously accepted the compliment.

We spent the remainder of preshow doubled over laughing at Code Red’s tales of “The Men eHarmony Thinks I’m Compatible With.” It’s not that they were unattractive, it was more their curious choice of photos. For instance, when searching for a soul mate, why you would you ever (ever) upload a photo of yourself in a full-on shoot-the-duck position, flashing the peace sign? Hobbies of some of the men Code Red is compatible with: “Banging around Boston”and “medieval reenactment.” We don’t know what either of those mean.

We ran into fellow throwbacks T-Bag and Dawnie inside. (Of course they were going to go). There were a lot of sing-a-longs and sway-dancing. The set list had almost everything you'd want to hear. I was hoping they'd mix it up and play that transcendent Hunters & Collectors tune "Throw Your Arms Around Me" as they have in the past but it was not to be. They did play Distant Sun, however -- an absolute favorite that has made many an appearance on a myriad of mixes over the years. I taped the entire song and was psyched to have my own personal video to watch when the spirit moved me. Unfortunately, the video settings were on "time lapse," courtesy of Carrie who had been shooting footage of Vito whining beside the fridge earlier in the day.

Now all my videos are completely psychedelic. I figured I'd upload them anyway because they're kind of cool looking. Here they are, please don't have a seizure.


jal said...

And did you see the Globe review? Nice! Memories indeed...

KJ said...

I did see the review. It was right on, if you ask me. Good times.

BTW, are you down with SC?

Anonymous said...

Code Red is looking on eHarmoney? Is she is the redhead in the picture, she should have no problem finding normal guys.

KJ said...

I don't think there is a soul on earth who would disagree with that statement.

KT said...

Good times, KJ & Code Red. Good times. Love the review. And BTW -I'm actually only 39.5! (but who's counting.)

KJ said...

But clearly you look under 21. "Good for you, honey. GOOD..FOR..YOU."

Great times.

lpd said...

God, it's been 20+ years since I last saw Crowded House. Did they play "Fall at Your Feet"? The Pavillion is a perfect setting for that show. Now that I've burrrrrthed this little burd, I'm ready for more shows. BRING IT!