20 August 2007

Random Quizzilla

1) Do you leave a tip even if you thought the service was poor?
Yes. At least 20 percent. More if the service was excellent.

2) Would you name your child after a character in a book or movie?
Sure. As long as it had a positive association. Not that we will ever have to worry about that. All done.

3) Name something unbelievable you’ve seen or read lately.
This! An Australian woman was accidentally crushed to death by her 60th birthday present -- a camel -- when it tried to have sex with her.

4) At what age will you truly consider yourself old?
I don't know, maybe when Suppah Club conversations start revolving around ailments. I've known people in their 20s who were old or couldn't wait to get old. My grandmother was 81 when she died and was one of the youngest people I've ever known. A friend of a friend, age 31, once cancelled dinner plans because her "bunions were hurting." I love being 37 but the number is certainly higher than how I feel inside.

5) Describe a toy from your childhood.
With all the shark talk over the past week, thoughts turned to that JAWS game where you had to fish old tires, fishbones and other garbage out of the shark's mouth without the jaws clamping shut. Those were some good times.


Anonymous said...

1) Yes. 9 times out of 10, poor service is not the server's fault. Anyone who has worked as a bartender or on waitstaff knows this.
2)I did.
3)I can't think of anything more unbelievable than that camel story.
4)I'm with KJ on this. It's all about how you feel. 39 going on 25 and proud.
5)Weebles. I had tons of em.

sb said...

1) Do you leave a tip even if you thought the service was poor?
Yes, unfortunately. However, the worst tip I’ll leave is 13-15%. Average service gets 20%, above and beyond gets 25–30%. Being that I bartended for years, which includes serving drinks to wait staff, I used to recognize who is good at table/bar service and who slacked. And those slackers don’t deserve what the hard workers deserve. It’s not a charity. If service was excellent, I’ll not only tip but also make a point to tell the server that their service was great. I should implement this same analogy with poor service. Now if I could just find my balls.

2) Would you name your child after a character in a book or movie? It would only be a coincidence. Otherwise, no. Did you ever look at that site that shows all the names of babies for that year? I think I saw one knuckle-head name their kid “ESPN”. D-Bag.

3) Name something unbelievable you’ve seen or read lately. I can’t even talk about it. For some sick reason, I went on to bangedup.com yesterday. I could give up 1 word here and it would tell the whole story of this clip. Not gonna do it.

4) At what age will you truly consider yourself old?
The age when I pee and/or poop my pants uncontrollably, and need some sort of diaper to assist with this problem. Of course I hope this never happens b/c poop smells and I drink beer.

5) Describe a toy from your childhood. We had a hand-held football game, probably made in 1984. It was that decade’s version of a Game-Boy. The “men” on the football field were just red dots. And the blinking dot was you as the QB or RB, depending on who had the ball. It was so archaic – but it would captivate my brothers and I on any given car ride. B-Hill even found one 3 years ago, brand new in the package. He bought it and I think he keeps it in the crapper now.

KJ said...

SB-I almost weed my knickers reading this.

BAGS said...

1)I typically leave a healthy tip until something magical is said by the wait staff or the blatant ignore is executed.

2)We don't intend on naming our second child after any literary figures, unless the WSC crew comes through with an epic suggestion for Auntie or Bags before November.

3)After standing in the downtown Boston United States Post Office line for half an hour to mail a unmarked box, I was told by the clerk that they were out of packaging and have been for the last 3 weeks.

Standing there stunned, I asked the attendant, "Isn't this what you do? I'd feel like I'd be pressing you if I asked for stamps. WTF." To which a stunned clerk looked like she didn't know whether to shit or go blind and gave me a sarcastic, "Thanks."

4)Physically old, mentally immature.

5)Operation - The game where the metal tweezers are hooked up to an electronic board that buzzes if you touch the metal sides of the patient when trying to extract some vital organ.

Pam said...

1. I always worry about people might think about me so even with the worst service, they get the 20%. It is a sickness, I know. Like I would ever see that waiter or waitress again. My husband, on other hand, has no problem leaving less than 20% for bad service, which always makes me cringe.

2. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Steel Magnolias was on HBO every day and for one week, her name was almost Shelby. Thank god my sister stepped in and talked me out of it.

3. What is unbelievable to me is that I keep seeing on the news (and getting weather reports from my family in NY) that it is raining or really cold everywhere else in the US and we have not had rain or gone under 100 degrees in almost 3 weeks. It is brutal here in the South and I am ready to come back North!

4. I still don't believe I am 38 and refuse to acknowledge it. My 20 year high school reunion was last week and I did not go because the thought of being out of high school for 20 years is completely overwhelming.

5. My Pizza Hut oven. The pizza was disgusting but I loved the idea of making it myself..

Anonymous said...

1-Yes, but not 20%.
2-No, don't even want kids.
3-Enough, John Mayer.
4-Whenever I wake up without a disorienting hangover.
5-I repurchased Operation last year. It hasn't lost its magic.

jal said...

1. Yes but less than the usual 20% for good service. Will usually well more than 20% for good food and attentive service. Once wanted to leave a penny but Mike wouldn't let me. It was the worst service ever!

2. No kids. We argued for about 2 years about dog names, I liked Wasabi despite it being too many syllables and Mike liked Vegas despite the fact that we'd met at least three dogs (including one pug) named Vegas. In the end she came with the perfect name, Ava.

3. Britney Spears making a comeback appearance on some awards show.

4. Since I'll be hitting 40 next year that might be it although at just barely 39 I feel and think I look considerably younger. Some days 21 or less, others considerably older. Depends on what I did the night before of course.

5. It went zip when it moved and pop when it stopped and whirrrrr when it stood still. I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will.

lpd said...

1) Usually 20% for average service, more if excellent service and sometimes 15% for poor service.

2) Possibly, assuming the name was somewhat normal, e.g. naming your kid "Gurgi" because you dig The Black Caldron just isn't cool...

3) The Hoff's painful singing performance on "America's Got Talent" finale.

4) In our golden years, I hope we all buy property in Florida and whiz around our retirement community together in Hoveround transporters, like a cool elderly gang. According to the infomercials, you can never feel old on a Hoveround.


5) The Easy Bake Oven allowed young'uns to cook cakes and other nummies over the heat of a regular lightbulb. This can't be safe. Favorite EBO snack was "homemade" Fritos with the nifty Frito-Lay corn and potato chip kit.