07 September 2007

Cream Shop Friday: Darn that Dream

Whenever I remember my dreams, I try to write them down the moment I wake up. This week has gotten a ton of pre-dawn ink. My dreams have been as bizarre as Auntie's pregnancy ones, except apocalyptic and scary.

The two latest:

Dream 1: James and I are shooting potato guns out in a field somewhere (the dream could stop right there on the bizarre factor but there’s more). A plane flying fairly low over the field starts to move in an odd way; its tail is swishing back and forth like a dolphin’s. I wake up just as the plane breaks apart and crashes down in the field in front of us.

Dream 2: I wake up on the commuter boat. It’s nighttime and very dark inside the cabin and I realize I’ve nodded off listening to my iPod. A Billie Holliday song I don’t recognize is playing (it’s not “Darn that Dream”but it's still Twilight Zoney) but I can’t get the iPod light to turn on to find out what it is. I suddenly realize I’m the only person on the boat. Looking out of the window, I see some really crazy lightning on the horizon and the moon looks about 20 times its normal size and keeps getting bigger and bigger. I realize, in a sudden panic, that it’s not getting bigger, it’s getting closer. I run out on deck and it’s packed with passengers screaming and pointing at the sky; it’s clear they’d been watching this the whole time and I’m appalled that I somehow slept through it. The moon (huge) hits the ocean up ahead of us with an apocalyptic boom, causing a gigantic tidal wave. I wake up just as the boat starts to capsize.

Therefore, my new procrastination station this week is Dreammoods.com which has an online dreamer's dictionary, common interpretations of certain symbols and discussions of dream theories by Freud, Jung, Albert Adler and Frederick Perls.

Interpretation of my dreams: My unconscious mind is writhing with anxiety -- or I’m a prophet of Armageddon.


Anonymous said...

Was Fossett's disappearance on your mind, or do you recall speculating about it? It seems like the crash was performed for you. Perhaps the psyche performing a closure for you.
The second dream is interesting because you know it's a Holliday song, but don't recognize it. Knowing the unknown. The future.
" I can't believe I slept through it."=I didn't know. How could I have not known? How could I have been lulled into thinking it was a solitary "Holiday" and it's actually filled with commuters/workers?! Am I doing enough? Is there more I should, could know? It seems very parental.

KJ said...

I think you've done a better job of analysis here than the dream theorists. You pretty much nailed it.

With regard to the first dream, it's likely Fossett was on my mind with the 24/7 coverage and breaking news email alerts. FYI-he's still missing.

Bean Down Under said...

Hmmmmmm..... very interesting KJ. If I could only find my Psychology 101 book from UMASS. Oh yea thats right I sold it back to them for beer money.

I have been dreaming a TON lately too but I have to learn to write them down as soon as I wake up like you do.

KJ said...

EPB--We were talking about Barnes & Rapists bookstore the other day: Buy a textbook for $100 and sell it back a few months later for $30.

Write down those dreams and share them!