12 September 2007

Random Quizzilla

1) Using only one word, how does grocery shopping make you feel?

2) Have you ever been apple picking?
Many times. The experience has evolved over the years, however, from a spiced-rum-and-crab-apple-fight excursion to a more Griswaldian outing. One thing is for sure, we will not be returning to that hostile orchard from last year.

3) What household item would you not want to be without?
We are a household awash in wipes and could never survive without them. Baby wipes, Clorox wipes, Kandoo wipes, Wet Ones, etc. You name it, we've wiped it.

4) If you could go back in time and spend one week in another decade, which decade would you choose?
The Roaring 20s.

5) If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose? Pompeii. As long as I had ample time to beat feet out of there before Vesuvius.


BAGS said...

1) Labotmoized
2) Apple picking coincides with cow tipping in 413, so yes.
3) Toilet Paper - enough said.
4) The 1980's. Freddy Says Relax.
5) Troy - Stuck between Asia and Europe you know the drugs were good.

Anonymous said...

Using only one word for all

Anonymous said...

1. Rushed
2. Of course. Der!!!
3. Climate control
4. Any week with Caligula
5. The height of Jurassic period. We are talking the time of dinosaurs. How f'ing cool???

Alex said...

1. dirty
2. once, maybe?
3. bouncey chairs
4. first week of May 1977
5. shit, gotta be Rome!!

KT said...

1. Hungry
2. Never (bad mommy, bad mommy)
3. Windex - it is the ultimate cleaner. Even takes bubble gum out of dog fur.
4. 2050s (hey, no one said it had to be in the past)
5. Egypt - but only if I could wear a catsuit and be fanned with giant palm fronds by strapping young Egyptian men.

KT said...

Oops, you did say 'back in time' on question 4. Dag-nabbit! In that case, I guess I'd pick the 80s. Pegged pants, plastic earrings and Flock o' Seagulls - what's not to like?

Bean Down Under said...

1. Poor
2. Love to go apple picking. I remember when my grandmother used to take the biggest 'pocket book' she had and fill it to the brim with apples and walk right out as though she owned the orchard! Good ol Molly Madden!
3. I am with KJ and wipes. I would never clean without them.
4. The 50's. America flying high, low crime, no Vietnam yet...
5. Rome but I would want to be an Italian, not an Irishman.

jal said...

1. Hungry.
2. Yep. Marino's Lookout Farm.
3. Windex. Maybe I'm Greek?
4. 60's free love, etc.
5. Greece or Rome - can't decide lots of fun going on in both.

lpd said...

1. Giddy.
2. Many times. (Anyone up for a group trip soon?)
3. My label maker...or the Swiffer WetJet...decisions, decisions...
4. I second The Roaring 20's, KJ
5. Ancient Egypt, definitely

Pam said...

1. Annoyed that my husband can't do it.
2. Never been apple picking, does pumpkin picking count?
3. Magic Eraser - it is amazing.
4. Early 50's. I love the clothes, watch I Love Lucy and you will see what I mean.
5. I am leaning towards Rome, although being around all the dinosaurs in the Jurassic period would be pretty wild..

KJ said...

LPD-I've always thought that it was you and me in that Edward Hopper postcard you gave me many yeasr ago...the women in the cafe with the cool 1920s bucket hats. Still have it.