21 September 2007

Jackass of the Day

(Let's isolate this chick in a room with Code Red and see what transpires)

Behold MIT student Star Simpson, another overprivileged, blissfully clueless idiot. According to Boston.com, Star walked into Logan Airport today and "affixed to the front of her black sweatshirt was a pale beige circuit board with green LED lights and wires running to a 9-volt battery. Written on the back of the sweatshirt in what appeared to be gold magic marker was the phrase 'socket to me' and below that was written 'Course VI,' which refers to the electrical engineering and computer science program at MIT."

This incident is even worse than the one involving those Cartoon Network buffoons last year. Still, they have something in common: None of them care that they've diverted resources away from reality, yet all were indignant and baffled about their arrests. All were somehow unaware that two of the 9/11 planes originated from Logan or that their behavior affects others -- especially Code Red who will likely have to skip the Renegades game tonight because of this boob. Which is a giant bummer.

That said, look for the Judge on the news later, undoubtedly wearing his "You're balmy" facial expression, as Star Simpson is arraigned in EB District Court today.


BAGS said...

What an oxygen thief.

Anonymous said...

A few clues...

-Her name is "Star"

-She's from Hawaii (Capital H, as in homegrown)...and probably was not the only "Star" in her class.NOTE: If you went to a high school with more than one person named Star, objective reasoning is going to be a life-long struggle.

-She's an electrical engineering student at MIT.

-She is a self-described "artist, inventor" and into "crazy" acts.

Prologue: She will probably parlay this into an awesome essay for grad school.

Code Red said...

She came very close to being an organ donor today. Hope the Judge throws the book at her! And yes, I will likely miss the Renegades game tonight.

Pam said...

Why is she smirking? Is she so much smarter than everyone else that this entire experience just amuses her?

I saw her on the news this morning, in the back of a police cruiser looking at the media with that very same smirk. I get the feeling she thinks this is very funny and like anonymous said earlier, will turn this experience into an essay for grad school!

KT said...

If she does parlay this into an essay for grad school, I hope she gets a big fat rejection letter and a bitch slap.

Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids. Whereas college students are supposed to act like grown-ups (at least where explosive devices are concerned).

KJ said...

I'm sure there will be an "awesome essay" now who wants to volunteer to deliver the bitch slap.