16 November 2007

Paulie Shorn II

Paulie walked downstairs and appeared to be suffering from what looked like an errant cowlick. Upon closer inspection, it was clear a chunk of his bangs had been lopped off. Evidence in the upstairs hallway, a clump of wavy brown hair, confirmed this fact. "Paulie, who cut your hair?" "Caroline." CAROLINE! "Isn't he handsome?" she replied. Apparently, she sat him down on a footstool, wrapped a towel around him and gave him a little trim, or more specifically, the Lloyd Christmas. I can't believe child scissors cut through those Britpop locks. It's the toddler equivalent of shaving off someone's eyebrows, absent of malice of course, and my digicam couldn't have picked a worse time to be busted. I found a way to comb it to make it less conspicuous. And even though Caroline's in trouble, she's right about one thing: He is handsome.


Bean Down Under said...

KJ- I give you and all of our friends who are parents so much credit. How do you not laugh when you see things like that? It brings back a ton of childhood memories of all the crazy things that kids do! I bet Paulie looks great. What is the current day punisment for a big sister who cuts her little brothers hair?

james said...

Nothing to severe just a sit down and a good talking to as Caroline continues to try and change the subject.
Me - Caroline you can't cut your brothers hair.
Caroline - Can CC and Nikita come over for a playdate....

on so on

Anonymous said...

My daughter decided to paint her body with nail polish the other day ! I tried to remove it with polish remover and I think she got high off the fumes......NK

you got to love these unexpected moments !

lpd said...

Oh, that Caroline is a saucy one. Her "Isn't he handsome" comeback is genius: who can deny Paulie's handsomeness??? I'm sure he wears the new haircut well, but don't worry, I won't admit that to Sweet C.