14 November 2007

Random Quizzilla

1) Did you have a pet as a child? If so, what kind and what was its name?

Yes. A miniature schnauzer, Muffin. Muffin facts: She was only affectionate to me and a "cold german bitch" (my mother's phrase) to mostly everyone else. She slept on a Star Wars pillow next to my bed *I named her Muffin because there were three other dogs in the neighborhood named Muffin (I was 7) * KW once fled my house in hysterics, claiming "that dog has shoulders!" * As she got older, Muffin accumulated all kinds of health problems. Cataracts. She'd bark at the dining room chairs at random. Whenever someone walked in the house, she'd bark at the fridge. Gingivitis. She eventually lost all her teeth except for one fang that jutted out the left side of her mouth. She also had "scratch and sniff" skin condition: Whenever she scratched herself, she released something foul into the air. Still, we loved her, perhaps even more so. She lived to be 16 years old and is memorialized annually on Goy's birthday. This year, I wished Goy a happy 38th birthday and a happy 15th anniversary of Muffin's death. (* This tradition was trumped by a “Happy Birthday, my cat has cancer” card sent to me many years ago -- not from Goy)

2) What does the color purple make you think of?

Prince, but more specifically of an incident. One time, Jen W wore a purple blazer to work that was the shade most would associate with his Purpleness. A coworker, as he passed her in the hallway, unexpectedly yelled out -- quite loudly -- “SO WHEN YOU CALL UP THAT SHRINK IN BEVERLY HILLS…”

3) If you could choose to be in a TV commercial, what would you advertise?

It'd be a commercial for Fresh 'n Clean Dog Shampoo directed by Christopher Guest in the style of Best in Show. After Vito's near-fatal encounter at the dog groomers a few weeks ago, we've been bathing him ourselves. This shampoo leaves him smelling fresh as a daisy for days on end, and his nose wrinkle no longer smells like a cow. It's even curbed his massive shedding. A neighbor walked up to him yesterday and said, "Vito, something's different. Have you lost weight?" (He hasn't)

4) What year did you start using the Internet?

I became a regular user in 1995 but my first encounter with the Net was in 1994 when I was housesitting for my friend Dave and his cat. I spent the entire weekend drinking wine and chatting on AOL, getting into arguments, making outrageous claims, drunk with anonymity as much as vino. I didn't realize at the time, however, that I was doing all this chit-chatting under my friend's screenname. He ended up receiving so many bizarre emails in the following weeks that he had to open a new account and change his email address and screenname. (Still sorry, Dave.)

5) What food or drinks have you snuck into the movie theatre?

Granny smith apples, Ziploc bag of grape tomatoes, McDonalds, Charms Blow Pops, wine coolers, Dunkin' iced coffee.


Anonymous said...

1-Alfred a mutt. He smelled too.
2-Yeah, Prince.
3-An erection lasting four hours!
4-Late 1990's.
5-burger King and beer.

BAGS said...

1) KJ sounds like Muffin should have been named Lucky.

2)Holyoke High School Purple Knights

3)Schaefer Beer ad from the 70's - “Schaefer Is the One Beer to Have When You’re Having More Than One.” Honest advertising rarely seen these days.

4)Don't remember, around the late 90's

5)Beer, Dip It's and any Drake's snack you can name.

jal said...

1. Several childhood pets though not at the same time. Multiple cats including two from the same litter that we ultimately named "Brother" and "Sister". Dogs (including two pugs and a black lab weineramer mix), a goldfish, some tropical fish, a cockateil and a gerbil names Rascal who ultimately ate enough plastic off of the tower in his cage that it killed him.

2. If we're doing free association the first thing that pops into my mind is Whoppi Goldberg (the film) then my niece (it's her favorite color). Having spent most of high school with Prince in the back of John's van and seen him in concert I'm surprised he didn't jump in there somewhere.

3. Pearl Cream.

4. Early 90's. I configured and ordered it from Dell and the day after I ordered my 400Mhz PC (the fastest they had at the time), the next day I saw on their website that a 450Mhz was available. I went nuts and immediately called them to upgrade to the "faster" processor. Once it arrived I entered the web with full abandon. Porn, chat rooms, going from link to link until the wee hours. Good times.

5. Candy of various sorts and a sandwich once. Only got busted once.

Pam said...

As you can see, I just love quizzillas!!

1. We had several, but one that sticks out is a bird named Tweety. Tweety resided in a cage on top of the fridge. Apparently when Tweety went to meet her maker, my Mom buried her in the backyard, but left the cage and we didn't notice for quite a while that she was gone.

2.Barney the dinosaur.

3. I would advertise the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser which I think is the most amazing product ever invented.

4. I was really behind on this one, I think I did not become an active Internet user until 1996.

5. My friend and I regularly sneak a few beers (on ice), and have had chips, candy, Rice Krispy treats, etc. I have a huge satchel bag and I put everything but the kitchen sink in there. My girls call it the "sneaky snack bag".

sb said...

1) First pet was Pepper. Half black lab, half Great Dane. Huge MoFo. We got him when I was 6 so we rode him around like he was a horse. Then he’d take off annoyed and we’d fall off the back and on to our ass. Then he died, and it took me 3 months to talk my mom into getting another dog, PJ (Pepper Junior). He was half black lab, half spaz, but still excellent. I think my parents have his ashes somewhere… guess that’s what happens when all the kids move out and the dog is the last one to go.

2) Purple makes me think of those terrible suits in the 90’s that guys like Tommy Davidson used to wear in movies like “Strictly Business” and “Booty Call”. Although more recently purple reminds me of the Rockies. Those sweepers got swept themselves.

3) That’s a tough one. But I’ll tell you the 1 commercial I would NOT want to be in - those Verizon Wireless commercials with that guy who used to say “Can you hear me now?”, but now just stands there with that smug look on his face? How screwed is that guy’s acting career?

4) Way, way behind on this. Not until ’98 when I first purchased a computer. From there it was excessive pilfering from Napster, Kazaa and some other mp3 file sharing sites, as well as nasty sites like bangedup.com and well of course porn. But back then you paid a price with all of the pop-ups.

5) I can’t think of anything except for bottled water. The only other thing I want when I go to the movies is Sno-Caps. I’d buy those pre-theatre but they make so much noise moving around.

sb said...

KJ - When I used to come to your parents house while we were in school, I remember Muffin barking at me before I even got on to the front steps. Then you'd come out the door and tell me that she's harmless and blind. Sure enough I'd walk right by her and she'd still be barking at the bushes in front of the house.

KJ said...

Oh yes, I remember those days. Hilarious.

I'm sure Pepper Junior and Muffin are frolicking together in the sweet hereafter. Is PJ's paramour Star still alive?

KJ said...

JAL-Pearl cream?

jal said...

Remember the old ads? I think I just got fixated on the way she said "Pearl cream".


KT said...

1- Yes, a fluffy, chocolate brown cocker spaniel with ginormous curly ears. He used go romping in the woods of "West Blueberry" where the burrs would velco his ears together on top of his head.

2- Grape ZaRex

3- Now that I think of it, a ZaRex commercial would be pretty cool. "ZaRex is Zippy! ZaRex is Zappy! ZaRex will make your whole world happy!". (If you remember this jingle, you are old as dirt - like me.)

4- 1994. Early adopter.

5- Beer. In cans. With straws. Classy.

P.S. Nicola, I LOVE your idea for a reality TV show. Having just returned from Dublin (to run the marathon) I can tell you I would be the FIRST one to get kicked off the island. On the other hand, all those good carbs helped me qualify for Boston '08. Go Guinness!

sb said...

Star could be around somewhere, but I haven't seen her at my parent's house. PJ was such a bully to her. Then again I don't know how I'd react around a female if someone snipped my goodies.

KJ said...

KT! Congratulations on Dublin. Heard it was fantastic. We'll be on the corner of Hereford & Boylston cheering you on in April. Miss u!

KJ said...

JAL-Awesome. I knew it sounded familiar! Of course, mind in gutter, I thought it was some kind of kinky lubricant.

I love YouTube.

Bean Down Under said...

1. A mutt named Snitzel. He was a great dog that carried a rock in his mouth where ever he went and would never tire from a game of fetch with the rock. Poor Snitzel fell victim to the great taste of anti freeze. I also had two gold fish, Rocky and Adrienne, for 7 years! My sister overfed (sp?) Adrienne when I was away at basketball camp but Rocky lived until late in my senior year at Weymouth North. He was translucent when he died... guess gold fish lose their coloring if they live long enough

2. The movie. No idea why, I have never seen it, read the book, or saw the play.

3. King of Shaves shave cream. For all the guys out there do yourself a favor and buy this stuff! Its the best. For a fun commercial it would be an Oscar Mayer bologna commercial! Love that tune....

4. Hmmmm...full on in the late 90's with all night sessions in AOL chat rooms and searching very slowly any topic that entered my mind. And typing in anything after www. to see what would come up.

5. You would think that I would have snuck in some beers but I can't remember sneaking in any food. I am addicted to a large diet coke and pretzel bites when I do go to the theatre though.

james said...

1) Many dogs all beagles. Most for hunting rabbits. Daisy May lasted the longest. She was as fat as Vito, had three litters and peed on my bedroom floor during Thunder Storms.
2)Caroline - She looks beautiful in Purple.
3) Probably one of those funny ESPN commercials.
4) Late on the scene. I remember asking Rico Lepore and Bill Klein what the World Wide Web was and them trying to explain it. I had no clue..
5)Just candy as a kid.

sb said...

Ernie - the image of your dog carrying around a rock like a tennis ball killed me. What did his teeth look like? And a translucent fish? That's awesome and creepy.

James - good call on the ESPN commercials. Did you ever see the one with Big Papi, Jorge Posada and Wally the Green Monster? The best. Tops up there with the one where Clemens (in a Sox uni) throws Jack Edwards out the window for questioning his ability to "bring it".