07 November 2007

The Writers' Strike: The Bad (for me), The Ugly (Eva Longoria), and The Good (for Nic)

BAD: LOST could be lost. The season premiere is scheduled for Feb 2008 but Michael Ausiello of TV Guide said today if the strike extends into the new year and beyond, there is a chance ABC may delay the new season until the fall. Or worse yet, Feb 2009. NO! It’s bad enough we insomniacs are watching "Awesome Pawsome" on Animal Planet instead of Letterman, but LOST! I can’t even go there in my head right now. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

UGLY: Mucho-overrated Eva Longoria crying on the picket line. There she was, carrying a pizza, crying for the fate of her hair and make up artists and how they could possibly lose their homes in the wake of the strike. I don't believe for a nanosecond that this woman cares about her underlings. This is a woman who was “livid" and "outraged" when she found one of her contractors squatting in her multimillion dollar Hollywood mansion during another super-extravagant renovation. We know what this is really about. She doesn't care if they lose their homes, she just doesn't want them showing up at hers with pup tents.

GOOD: Horrid reality shows arriving en masse. Normally, I would file this under "BAD" but in this case, it could mean that Nicola’s reality show creation of a few years ago could finally see the light of day.

Temptation Ireland. Instead of tanorexics cavorting in hot tubs in the tropics, the show would feature pasty drunkards stumbling out of pubs and tending to live stock. Nic, screw nutrition and science, this is your moment in the sun (don’t forget the SPF 50 lest you freckle and buuurn)


Pam said...

I think the most insulting thing about Eva Longoria on the picket line was the fact that she gave those poor writers Domino's Pizza. GROSS!! That's the best she could do? I personally think she should have contacted Wolfgang Puck to make them individual pizza's of their choice!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is considering buying a series DVD for X-mas, now's the time. Residuals. They still get paid. Buy a big one like "Lost" where there's an enormous staff, too. Actually, make it a "just DVD" holiday season. Buy all your family DVD's.

KJ said...

Hear that? Anyone wants to send me the entire Lost series on DVS this Christmas (or my b-day, coming up 11/29), please don't hold back.

Post your DVD wish list here and we'll have a yankee swap (or secret santa) via the PU and it won't be passive aggressive at all like your typical familial yankee swaps.

PAM..I agree. She's phony and cheap. Throw some cash and compassion at the situation, not a partially congealed sub par pie.

Alex said...

I recommend Showtime's 'Weeds', although I've only seen season one because Netflix sent part two of season two before part one and we seem to return our Netflix every 9 months or so.

Anonymous said...

"Cracker" with Robbie Coltrane. The best.

Anonymous said...

For those of you out of the loop, remember back in 1998/99 'Temptation Island'...those couples, separated, then reunited after a couple of weeks of being 'tempted' by the opposite sex ? ....well my take was "Temptation Ireland"...hosted on the Aron Islands but of course, the temptation was not the hot Irish gals in their bikinis but rather the pints up at the local bar ! Bottom line, the Irish men chose the pints of Guinness !

KJ said...

Nic-In all of our spare time, we should be writing this damn show. It'd be a hit.

To the PU: Check out Dr. Nic, who is quoted in the latest issue of Cooking Light mag.

Anonymous: Still waiting for Cracker from MF Blockbuster!

Recapping gift ideas: Cracker, LOST, Weeds, and now 24 as it's just been postponed indefinitely because of the strike (and possibly b/c Keifer will be doing some hard time) I think it's over for Jack Bauer any way.

Free shipping at Amazon. Just saying.

lpd said...

My DVD collection wish list would include LOST and the 1980's hit, Moonlighting.

Nic, I almost wee'd my knickers when you pitched your Temptation Ireland concept years back. I'd love to see it come to fruition. Start typing...