13 December 2007

The Madness of Hannaford

It’s not even noon yet and Hannaford is already running low on milk and bread. It’s crazy up there. People are in a full-on collective panic buy, stocking up, it would seem, for a nuclear holocaust. I spotted a woman with three cases of grapefruit in her cart, hellbent on heading off the hardship of going without fresh fruit for a few hours. It's just snow. The roads will be passable. The stores will be open for business. After all, there's a huge Nor’easter barreling up the coast -- twice as big as tonight's predicted storm --that's due to hit this weekend. It’s going to get even crazier. For a moment, I thought, "Wow. I'd better pick up some milk and bread before it's gone." But then I said screw it and bought some NY strip steaks and a mini-Carvel ice cream cake instead. Besides, who doesn’t have a 12-hour supply of food in their homes? And even if you don't, it is no cause for panic buying. Get some take out from Pacinis. Order a West End pizza pie. Asian C will be delivering as well.


lpd said...

Good call on the grapefruit, Lady. Wouldn't want to get scurvy.*

*Apologies to all PU readers who actually have scurvy.

KJ said...

Scurvy. LOL.

She did look like she had a bit of a vitamin deficiency now that you mention it.

Hopefully these mad burds will have simmered the eff down by tomorrow night so we can take in some regional theatre, anxiety free.

Code Red said...

Maybe she's on the grapefruit diet?

Speaking of our weekend Nor'easter, I'm concerned about our Sunday afternoon Suppah Club. If everyone can't make it into the city, I'll have to sit home drinking milk and eating bread.

KJ said...

No kidding. I almost had a sitter lined up but just got the "weather-permitting voicemail" Crap. Would've taken the Greenbush in. James is still going to the Pats game regardless so I'll be here with my steak and cake!

KT said...

Hey Chickadees! Can't make Sunday - we'll be in Maine-land. But let me know if you reschedule!

FYI... It took me four hours to get home from the Burlington Mall. FOUR FRICKIN' HOURS! To Winchester! Normally 12 minutes! It took me two hours and five minutes to get out of the stupid mall parking lot. It was INsane. Control freak in car with no where to go. I almost ate my own foot just so I could write a book about it. Craziness.