05 December 2007

Random Quizzilla

1) What is your current state of mind?

2) When was the last time you felt panic?
Today -- when I turned on the news and learned of the massive explosion by the LNG tanks last night. I was instantly seized by panic thinking of my people in EB and Chelsea: my parents, Code Red and Baron, JAL and Mike. I thought my mother’s long-time prediction had finally come true: “One day, some idiot is going to crash into those tanks and blow us all to smithereens.” That prediction, coupled with all of the mega disaster scenarios set forth by Homeland Security and the History Channel, only fueled my anxiety. “Everything within a five mile radius would be incinerated.” Yikes.

Luckily, the 7 News banner was overly alarmist as usual. It wasn’t the tanks that exploded, but a tanker truck. It was still pretty bad, though. The explosion created a canal of fire down Main Street in Everett. Several homes caught fire and more than 20 cars exploded in succession, which one onlooker described as “the goddamn apocalypse coming down the street.” Nobody was hurt but many people had to flee their homes in 20 degree temperatures in their PJs. The incident has snarled traffic all day and many of the news stations have preempted scheduled shows with breaking news. It's a giant story.

But when I talked to my father this morning, he had a less dramatic take. When I asked him if he’d heard the explosions, he said, “Yeah, I heard them. I figured it was a plane or some gunshots, you never know around here. Whatever -- it wasn’t enough to get me out of bed.”

3) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy discussing deep philosophical topics?
Definitely a 10. Although the topics need not be deep.

Last week, we spent hours pondering the reasons why people keep mistaking Code Red for another local red-headed spokesperson. We concluded that the only way the two women could ever appear similar would be if Code Red was drunk at noon and lifting up her skirt in front of the Coast Guard.

4) Did you get a flu shot this year. If not, do you plan to?
No and no. Only the kids. I don’t really get sick that often but the one year I got a flu shot, I had a season-long mung that was unshakeable.

5) Are you attending any upcoming holiday parties?
Aside from our own, not really. We do have “A Very Special Christmas Suppah Club” going down mid-month. This one will be in the afternoon so the old burds can enjoy an Ensure on the Rocks and be home in time for 60 Minutes.


LPD said...

Ah, Quizzilla, my partner in procrastination. Welcome, Friend.

1) Current state of mind: "Harried"

2) Sunday night. In a "Very Homespun Norwellian Christmas," fashion, I've been stringing popcorn for tree trimming. Since air-poppers are a thing of the past, my corn-popping method has been a brown paper bag, one scoop of El Cheapo kernels and my microwave. Voila! Instant microwave popcorn. Unfortunately, I turned my back for a minute too long and the bag nearly burst into flames, spewing smoke and a horrible stench throughout the house. WMD, my mother and I frantically opened windows and waved our arms about to avoid setting off the smoke detectors, as James was napping peacefully by the tree...which remains only half trimmed.

3) I'd say 7. Higher, depending on the topic.

4) Got my first flu shot this year.

5) Thrilled to attend The Jackson Holiday Soiree this Friday (I apologize in advance...Mama plans to rip it up). Hitting Fido's party next week, hopefully with Cameo, Brownguy and Gwennie in tow. Very Special Suppah Club Daytime Holiday Cocktails on the 16th: break out your AARP card, ladies!

Anonymous said...

1-At ease.
2-I thought I lost 6 $250 gift cards yesterday. Found them. whew.
3-5. I agree it depends on the topic. Are you talking about M.E. Burns?
4-No. Plan to.
5-Too many.

Code Red said...

1) Unfocused. Hence my response to the quizzilla.

2) Twice today. First, I had a bad dream last night that my car broke down...again. Given that I'm about to trade it in, that would be a nightmare. Was relieved to realize it was only a dream. THEN, I awake to news of a fuel truck exploding about 200 yards from Baron's doggie daycare. Thankfully, he was home with me, but I was panicked that other people's pets may have been either scared out of their wits or hurt if the fire spread to the daycare. I threw on the news and it appears Common Dog was spared, though probably closed for a while during cleanup in and around the area. Had this happened last Wednesday am, Baron would've been there as I was in Cleveland for work. Ugh. Talk about panic!!

3) Also a 10 as long as differing viewpoints don't result in personal attacks. Anonymous....I'll refrain from naming names as I don't want to call anyone out on the P.U., but it's a funny story.

4) Sometimes. Probably won't this year as I never get the flu...only raging sore throats and a cough that lasts for a month.

5) Just two this year...KJ and James' bash this week and a neighbor's holiday party on Sunday. I'm also responsible for planning the Very (Early Bird) Special Christmas Suppah Club this month which we had to move to a Sunday afternoon to accomodate everyone's crazy December schedules. Hopefully, all the mamas will have sobered up in time to put their children to bed. Then again, reading "Green Eggs And Ham" outload with a buzz on would be pretty amusing.

james said...

a train, a train, a train, a train, would you, could you, on a train?

Bean Down Under said...

1. Excitement - coming back to Boston in one week!

2. Panic - when Pete Deluca called me at 4:15 AM several weeks ago. When I heard the phone ring on a random Wednesday early morning I was sure it was going to be bad news from home. Luckily it was just Pete not grasping what time it was on the other side of the world calling to see how I was doing.

3. Sober: 3 Drunk: 10+ (but not as well thought out)

4. Thinking of it. Doctor normally recommends me to get one. Not sure though since I am heading into Summer and not Winter.

5. When is the Jackson party? I have a few of them the weekend I get back into Boston.... who needs sleep! Let jet lag try to hold me back. Famous last words!

BAGS said...


2)I felt panic when I was driving Celine to the hospital with contractions and we were sitting in gridlock traffic on 93 North.

3) Negative 5.

4) No flu shot.

5) I am attending the PU party on Friday.

Alex said...

1) New York

2) The moment when I wake up on the couch to a screaming baby when I realize:
A) I'm not in my bed
B) There's a major responsibility in melt-down mode.

3) As in whether Aerosmith is considered a "great" band? I argue based on longevity and success that you cannot *not* be considered "great". Others argue that no one claims Aerosmith as influencers.


4) The McCarthyism tracking device? Pass -just the dude.

5) Yes. The under $25 gift swap is a major deal thought thru 364 days a year.

Have fun at PU party! Good luck keeping Stevie Bones from taking out your Christmas tree...

Anonymous said...

1. All over the place.
2. Monday, when I discovered my cat had fleas. Real bad.
3. 10.
4. No. I don't think so. The 20% chance of getting it without the shot versus the 18% of getting with it, doesn't really justify coping with the traffic.
5. No house parties. But I'm hoping to glom on to friends who work the bars and get invited to one of their employee parties; carving stations, Boddington's, tapioca and bread pudding. Sinatra'll be swingin' and all the drunks'll be singin'. That sorta thing.

jal said...

1. Tired. Just got back from a 2 day whirlwind tour of our DC and NYC Offices. Wish I didn't have to go into the office today.

2. When our plane hit some rough turbulence.

3. 9, but it has to something I am really into.

4. Yep. They were free at work.

5. Yours and one on Sunday and on the 22nd. I love them all!!!