11 December 2007


I'm still in recovery from last weekend's party. As usual, in trying to talk to everyone, I really didn’t talk to anyone, but I'm assuming everyone had as much fun as we did. It was impossible not to be stirred by the high spirits the come from having so many good people packed into a small space. Not to mention our dial-in special guest -- EPB -- from Brisbane. And I swore I was hallucinating when I saw Mikey Carter in my kitchen. Being so accustomed to drinking outdoors --at the Pines -- most of the Weymouth guys tend to spend the night on the back porch clustered around the heat lamp and keg.

Then there was the music: Random iTunes DJs manning the laptop. Liz playing the entire Vince Guaraldi catalog on the piano, Jim Melody stopping by to play his holiday hit “Christmas in Boston." And as it goes every year, one minute it's 10:30 p.m., the next minute you look at the clock and it's 2:30 a.m. and T-Bag and Norty are ripping it up with some GNR in an acoustic jam. (that gets better every year --thanks, guys).

So take a peep at some party pix in this obligatory CLR slideshow. A special thanks to Code Red for taking up the torch as the resident photog. I'm usually taking the photos so I'm rarely in them. Now, unfortunately, I'm in almost all of them --looking progressively rough as the night wears on -- even though I steered clear of the Abominable Snow Monster martinis. Good times, all!


Anonymous said...

Next year I'm joining the Weymouth boys outside by the keg...of Boddington's!
I'll make sure the GOMD brings her mideastern sampler plate.

All of the PU: Download Coltrane's "My Favorite Things." Worth it.

Bean Down Under said...

Glad I could experience the Jackson Christmas Party from Brisbane... sounded like a great time. See you guys all soon!

KJ said...

I hope you're BOTH at next year's soiree.

S, if you show up, we'll get you your own quarter barrel (or "beer ball" as our 413ers would say) of Boddingtons.

EPB..we'll see you in a matter of days. I can't wait!!! xo

jal said...

Always a great time KJ. Great to see you and everyone! Thanks!

sb said...

Thank you Jacksons for once again hosting a fantastic party. Your house was so clean it resembled a museum.

KJ said...

My car is also clean, thanks to your generous overhaul, BG. I may start keeping Armoral wipes in the glovie.

LPD said...

Booooo infant sickness...booooo. Sorry I missed what turned out to be a very merry shindig, KJ. Everyone looked so lovely in the pix. Buh.

YEAR 1: WMD had the flu.
YEAR 2: I was secretly knocked up and forced to drink mocktails and feign housepainting exhaustion.
YEAR 3: Baby D displayed his projectile vomiting skills (talented!) an hour before we were set to leave. Hope none of the party-goers were doing the same... Merry Christmas everyone! We'll catch y'all next year.

KT said...

KJ & James! SO sorry the Taylors were a no-show. DT was coughing, sneezing and way-too-snottie for public viewing. It wasn't pretty. And I was not prepared to par-tay Jackson-style then drive home from Hanover! We are truly sorry we missed it. The pics are great. Hope to see you soon! Happy HoHo.