19 September 2008

Random Quizzilla

1.)  In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, write a sentence in pirate-speak.
Ahoy, me matey! Fetch me some grog from the bunghole. Aarrgh.

2.) Pick one: Butter, margarine, olive oil.
Olive oil.

3.) When you drink soda, do you prefer to drink from the can, bottle or pour it into a cup? 
Wow, really scraping the bottom of the barrel today, quizzilla.  I usually drink my diet coke right out of the can.  Path of least resistance.

4.) If you were a superhero what would you wear?
A star-spangled body suit and a cape made of feathers. 

5.) What was the last store you visited? What did you purchase?
Whole Foods.  Four "hearty mums" and an XL Allegro coffee.


Anonymous said...

1-Arg ye swashbucklers light up ye pipes.
2-Olive oil
3-Guzzle directly from the 2 litre
4-A cape. Only a cape like in POTP.
5-CVS. Mentos gum and a paper.

jal said...

1. Do you know what a the favorite music genre of a pirate is?

Arrrrrrrrr "& B.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oiil.

3. can

4. sequins, glitter, feathers.

5. Does D'Parmas in Winthrop for a gift certificate count?

noternie said...

1-Shiver me timbers, are you a pastafarian, too?


3--Glass. Cousin once told me that you can smell the drink better in the glass and smell is a big part of tasting. I became a convert. Noticable with beer, but also with my favorite carbonated: Dr Pepper.

4--There has to be a cape, so I can fly. Probably more of a suit than tights (think Batman movies vs TV show)

5--Finagle a Bagel.