16 September 2008

Separated at Girth


A neighbor driving by my house last weekend slowed to a stop when she saw me out on the front lawn with Vito.  She rolled down her window and I noticed she was laughing at us-- WTF?  

Apparently the woman's daughter is on Caroline's school bus. She told me that her daughter -- as well as the majority of the kids 
on the bus -- believe that Vito is not a dog but a "baby sheep."  They see him every morning when Caroline boards the bus and it's the highlight of the trip. I always wondered why all the kids jumped to one side of the bus to gawk out the window at Vito.  Now I know: to catch a glimpse of the sheep on the driveway.  He's been called "four-legged cotton candy," "an ottoman" and a "pot-bellied pug." I thought all this sheep talk was insane until I put up a side-by-side photo.  Look at how the bulky girth of both sheep and pug dwarf their heads.  I have to say those kindergarteners aren't far off the mark here. 


Bean Down Under said...

The resemblance is uncanny; too bad you can't shave Vito for his wool.

Diana said...

Vito is certainly NO gazelle!! Happy to have the Pointy back. The void has been filled. xoxo

KJ said...

Yes, Di, he is NO gazelle (or impala) or whatever that lean, leaping animal was. :) My V is a loveable tugboat.

lpd said...

cloning sheep into pugs... what'll they think of next???