07 October 2008

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

For many, it's been physically impossible to get through these debates without wine and Prilosec, so why not make it interesting. From the sophomoric, stress relievers of yore like Thumper to last week's fantastic game of distraction -- Palin Bingo, I bring to you, via the Washington Post, the Presidential Debate Drinking Game for tonight.

Anytime you hear any of the following words--it's bottoms up!

- Maverick

- Experience

- Change

- My friends

- Hold on there/wait a minute

- Great Depression

- Wall Street/Main Street

- Subprime

- Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae

- Celebrity

- Ahmadinejad

- Lipstick

- Darn right

- Bill Ayers

- Jeremiah Wright

- Keating Five

- Erratic

- Lies

- Middle class

- Ohio

- Will all due respect

- Failed Bush policies

- Affordable health care

- Osama bin Laden

- You know

- Exit strategy


jal said...

OMG I'll have to call in drunk to work tomorrow!

Cameo said...

Crony-ism! Now, I'll drink to that "my friends"!

Anonymous said...

It seems that overhead projector should've been on this list! K.R.

Anonymous said...

I just wish someone stood up and shouted(to both). SHUT UP AND ANSWER THE QUESTION! PLEASE... ANSWER... THE...F'ING.... QUESTION!!! God I hate politicians

KJ said...

Hence, the need for cocktails (and maybe a yoga class or two ;)

Katie O. said...

Was anyone else waiting for McCain to drop to a three-point stance and tackle Obama? He was pacing around in the background... I was like, hey, where'd that little guy go, he's crafty.

Tim said...

"look" was not on the list?
wow! it's the next Presidents favorite word

Michelle said...

You could also add to this, "Every time McCain makes a ill-timed and unfunny joke."

KJ said...

KO & Michelle..LOL..precisely.

Tim:"Look" will definitely be added for the next round. That may have garnered more sips than "my friends"

Prediction for the next debate: Cindy McCain, who's clearly gone off her meds, will crash the party and wander aimlessly in the background. When it starts going badly, she'll "strip down naked and start barking at the moon." Bitch is crazy.

Cols said...

I'll agree with you that "my friends" is getting a little on my nerves, but I've got no problem with Cindy McCain other than she's a little too coiffed at times, but that comes with the political wife territory--trust me I know! "My friends" in Massachusetts--Kitty Dukakis was YOUR first lady...just sayin!

Or how about every time Barack Obama drops some class warfare line, that could be drink trigger. Because that isn't tired! UGH!

Frankly, I fell asleep mid-debate I was so disgusted by them both and where were the questions about education? No one is talking about that.

KJ said...

Yes..Kitty! We actually used to celebrate "Kitty Dukakis Day" in college. (Basically a case race..who can drink 24 beers first?)

Still, Kitty Dukakis never stood up and gave a bogus stump speech to drum up hatred for Bush 1 in 1988.

Cindy has several times. Way to divide, crazy coif! Just what the country needs.

I can't wait until this election is over. I'm getting increasingly bitter with all the negative energy floating around out there. Can we get The Amazing Mary down for an intervention?

lpd said...

Just happy not to hear either of them say "Joe Sixpack" or "Yer darn RIGHT!"

Cols said...

Don't get the Amazing Mary started on those "lousy politicians." She's had enough. And is no fan of "Barama" as she has been known to call him in a fit of rage when talking about her tax dollars.

But she'll still be able to predict the future of the man or woman sitting next to her in the doctor's waiting room. INCREDIBLE!

Gotta love her! She sends you a shout out and some good celestial energy! ; )

KJ said...

"Barama" -- LOL. Of course she calls him that! That is so fantastic. I can hear her saying it.

Good celestial energy is a must...many thanks to the Amazing One! xo

Anonymous said...

I was going to add treason and traitor and terrorist to the list because of the McCain campaign's KKK, excuse me, "political" rallies. I was happy to see McCain try and quell the mob mentality, the one he and his nasal pitbull created, but it may be too little too late.

KJ said...

Yeah, anon. Very scary stuff. I'm trying to remain optimistic and believe the questionable humans (total assholes) at those rallies are in the minority. At the very least, they're swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. Of course, every pol. party has some mouthbreathers but this breed is even scarier because they've been encouraged -- even egged on. Hopefully that'll be diffused by McCain's seemingly-genuine gestures. He definitely seemed shaken by those people's ignorance and misplaced ire. His heart's not in it. I almost feel badly for him.

Either way, we'll be drinking next Tues. :)