06 October 2008

Thank God

(Manny who? LOVE this guy)

My anxiety level over the Sox has plummeted in recent years for obvious reasons. The passion remains but the stakes have changed.  Not so tonight--a massive toenail biter.  James jumping around, wildly gesticulating and yelling, spooking Vito and waking the children.  Worth it! Woo hoo!


Tim said...

Ahhh, autumn in New England, wish I was there.

bg said...

I agree KJ! The game was stressful to watch, but you no longer have that "If they lose this game I'll hunker down into painstaking depression" feeling. It's nice to have stress backed by confidence and proof that they can win in these situations. Gotta love how the new guys all stepped up when we needed it (Bay, Kotsay, Lowrie).

I too yelled at the final winning run, and probably woke up the 2nd floor residents. I felt bad for a second, but then remembered how I picked up 5 lbs of their dog's poop on Sunday so that bad feeling subsided quickly.