21 October 2008

Random Quizzilla

1. If you could see into the future but could not change it, would you still want to do so?
No. If the future is horrible, you'd be miserable every day waiting for it to happen.  If the future is good, you'd dilute, if not completely wipe out, the joy of unexpected surprise. 

2. You have $100 to spend today but it can't go to bills, food or clothing.  What do you buy?
This thing.  Working in a basement all day with no natural light, I am slowly devolving into a pointy troll who shrieks when touched by the sun.

3. Would you rather have no arms or pineapples for hands?
First, there is some kind of pineapple theme stalking my existence. Yesterday at the Good Health store, a woman was serving up some souped up pineapple juice and discussing the health benefits of bromelain (which I am now well-versed in.)  Last week, I changed my ringtone to "Pineapple Head" by Crowded House.  Now this.  That said, I am a fan of the pineapple but wouldn't want one as a major appendage. 

4. Is it rude to photograph strangers without their permission? (Not talking about upskirting or anything of that genre, just snapping a regular picture)
I definitely think it's rude to snap photos of people without their permission but that hasn't stopped me from doing so on several recent occassions. (I won't post the pics here as that would be even ruder).  Last month, I snapped a candid of "James XL" at Lucky's, a man who was a dead ringer for James -- if James was 300lbs.  It was uncanny (and I will say the man was quite handsome despite his crushing girth)   Also, I was having brunch at dbar a few weeks ago and had to take a picture of a neighboring bruncher who kept interrupting our conversations with her painful voice.   I can only describe her voice as someone firing up a vacuum cleaner right next to your head while you're deep in REM sleep.  

5. What is your favorite fall recipe? 
I love all the seasonal stews and soups and such but have a new favorite side dish.  I made this Roasted Kabocha Squash with Cumin Salt a few weeks ago and it was crazy delicious. Worth every gram of the carb overload. 


Anonymous said...

2-Celts tickets for next wek's game
3-Pineapple hands if I can have guavas for thumbs
4-I hate it when people take phone pictures of me so yes
5-I don't cook, sorry

cbasoli said...


I saw this and thought of you...


Have a great week, 'Soli

LPD said...

1. Nope. Better to expect nothing and hope for the best, yada yada yada

2. I guess I would donate it to charity. LIE! I would probably spend it at Sephora where some overly dolled lady in a "lab coat" would convince me that expensive serums, powders and salves will make me look younger through patented anti-hag technology.

3. Pineapple hands, definitely. I would enjoy the delicious fruit -- maybe share it with some friends with fondue -- and then I'd at least have handless arms to work with.

4. Yes, rude but sometimes necessary. XL James is a perfect example. Also, the Anderson Cooper look-alike that Diana and I secretly sidled up to at the Gazebo.

5. A few things: Jan's Apple Pie; Peggy's Pumpkin Soup, pumpkin whoopie pies, and this Tuscan butternut squash and sausage dish. Gonna try your Squash/Cumin nummies, Kate. Mmmmmmmm...

Bean Down Under said...

1. No way
2. One of those Brookstone weather stations that tell you the outside temp, wind speed, etc.
3. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality so I would want pineapple hands. Plus you wouldn't have to fear ever being without some food.
4. Yes, except if its a really good looking person and you can do it without getting caught. LOL!
5. Just made it last week: Carrot and Ginger soup.

Tim said...

1. The equivalent of being paralyzed I would think.

2. My first umbrella. The bus stop is much further away when its raining

3. As pineapple is my favorite fruit, I would want them, so I could eat them and THEN have no arms.

4. Is it rude to take a picture of a lion at the zoo, a dog at the park, a squirrel in a tree? We're all animals. No, it's not rude, IF done appropriately of course... Paparazzi are Mother Fu#@ers.

disclaimer - children are off limits without a parents permission

5. Pork chops and homemade apple sauce

noternie said...

2--Guitar Hero?
3--Pineapples go bad, but if they don't in this premise, I think I could carve them into hand shapes.
4--No. Absolutely not.
5--If Turkey Sandwich with stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on lightly toasted bread doesn't count, make it pumpkin pie.