31 July 2005

Manic Manny

After today's unbelievable game, it dawned on me. Manny isn't a selfish, soulless ear crapper. He's a misunderstood humanitarian with undiagnosed bipolar disorder. All the signs of classic manic-depression are there: The soaring highs and the lowest lows. The mood swings. From his low-energy shuffling to first base and deadpan refusal to help his team to his wild gleeful pointing at the crowd after his RBI today and the manic, gushing speech following the game: "Forget about the trade, man. This is where I want to be man. I told Terry man, if you need me, man, I'm here man." I admit it - it was the emotional rollercoaster Red Sox drama I love. It's the kind of excitement and passion that only a little mental illness can deliver.

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