24 December 2005

A Holiday Blog from Vito

Ho, ho, friggin' ho, everyone. I suppose you all know by now that I was unwittingly exiled from the annual Christmas card. As usual I received the shit end of the stick. It is a cruel irony as I was the only one who actually sat still and mugged for the picture on a multitude of occasions since last July. The other two monkeys were running around with ants in their pants and could never quite make it through the nanosecond red-eye delay on the camera. In most of the shots I looked damned handsome too. An adjective that comes to mind is "regal." But wasn't it just my luck that I happened to be off taking a leak in the woods when Caroline and Paulie finally stood still for a photo. So, instead of a Christmas card appearance, I get to send my holiday messages through my mom's lame blog. My whole existence is a shitty consolation prize. So, Merry Friggin' Christmas. What I really want for Christmas is to find out who the hell you have to hump around here to get some parma proscuitto.


BAGS said...

Vito, just be glad you weren't Lambie. Otherwise James would have used you to wipe up oil and then thrown you out.

Merry Christmas you "ottoman with eyes." (Stolen from Dreama)

:phil: said...

Yo, Vito,
Merry Christmas from Da Bronx

wmd said...

prosciutto di parma!.. now that would be awesome to find in stocking.

KJ, are you taking profile shots of Vito so he looks thinner? head on is the only way to experience that dog's girth.