12 December 2005

Random Quizzilla

1) The word "coupon:" Pronounced "cue-pon" or "coo-pon?" I say "coo-pon" now but recall saying "cue-pon" when I was younger. I have no idea when or why the shift occurred but can say for certain it has not altered my day-to-day life in any way.

2) On average, how long do you spend in the shower? When I actually have opportunity to shower, I'd say it's a good 10 minutes, sometimes longer. I could spend an hour in there with a decent playlist and a deep conditioner.

3) Would you consider yourself outdoorsy? No. In fact, I'd classify myself as militantly indoorsy. I can enjoy the outdoors under very specific circumstances: Hanging out on beaches and boats with a well-packed cooler; hiking a heavily-trafficked trail that has access to snack bars and restrooms; and camping as long as there are outlets to plug in the coffee maker and hairdryer.

4) What were the most significant events to occur the year you were born (aside from your own arrival) and did those events have any effect on your life?


-WOODSTOCK - This is likely responsible for my mutant Flowerchild gene.

-First lunar landing - Affected everyone's lives, I suppose.

-Beatles' last public performance (on roof of Apple Records)- Almost 20 years later, this performance inspired U2's renegade rooftop video for "Where the Streets Have no Name." And I just love that.

-The Chappaquiddick incident - No effect, although I DO hate the nickname "Chappy."

-The Manson murders - I've always enjoyed the song Helter Skelter.

-The Boeing 747 debuts - Took my virgin voyage on a 747 as an exchange student heading to Paris in 1987. Made the acquaintance of "Dangerpants" on a 747 en route to London with Annie & LP in 2000.

5) Last three songs you downloaded? "Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives, "Songs for a Blue Guitar" by the Red House Painters, and "This House is Not for Sale" by Ryan Adams


lp said...

1) Cew-pon
2) 20 minute showers
3) I do consider myself outdoorsy. WMD will disagree with me, based solely on my winter footwear choices where fashion beats function.
4) 1970:
Apollo 13 splashes down after near catastrophe. I did see the movie years later.

The first Earth Day was held. Our pals have enjoyed many an Earth Day concert on the Hatch Shell ever since.

Four dead in Ohio. Enough said.

“Long and Winding Road” was the Beatles last #1 song. Grew up listening to Dad's Beatles albums since birth.

George Harrison's “My Sweet Lord” was the first solo song for any Beatle to hit #1, and was the #1 song on the day I was born. He remains my favorite Beatle, the talented, soft-spoken one behind the scenes. I compare him to The Edge. RIP, George.

SAC said...

1. Coo-pon- There is no Q. Western MA lives!
2. Under 10 minute shower. They get shorter with children.
3. Outdoorsy-beach, bud light. mountain-coors light. park in the city-40 oz. of any Malt Liquor.
4. 1970-Nixon was President. No effect but somehow see myself leaning more conservative than in years past...must be because I work, pay taxes and have a desire to actually see my children speak english and work and pay taxes. Am I doing something wrong?
Appolo 13- Never saw the movie and don't remember the real thing.
Average Salary was $7,734.00. I think I make that now post tax, health care, day care, ss tax, fica (whats that?), state tax, local tax, tax on gas, tax on being an independent in a democratic commonwealth...
Bread was $0.33 per loaf. Now its almost 3 bucks!

5. the cars: drive
teddy pendergrass: turn off the lights
david lee roth: yankee rose

BAGS said...

1) C00-pon, no Q. You are correct SAC, Q's are an endangered species in 413.

2)Under 10 minutes. If you're a guy spending over 10 minutes in the shower, you're probably in touch with yourself.

3)Does letting the dog out into the yard every morning constitute outdoorsy?

4)Welfare was introduced to the Paper City (aka Holyoke) causing a wave of free loaders to migrate from other places (domestic as well as international) to make it the lovely place that it is today.

5) Arcade Fire - a) Wake Up (The intro song to the beginning of the recent U2 shows before City of Blinding Lights),
b) Journey Escape Album,
c) Tom Haley's Greatest Holiday Hits

Princess Buttercup said...

1. When I was younger I also said cue-pon until my dear friend Gen made fun of me in high school. She also pointed out my affinity for drinking melk. We too are from the 413 area. Springfield and Holyoke are 2 Western Mass gems.

2. 15 minutes thanks to my hard to manage hair.

3. I love nature, but I'll always be a city girl at heart.

4. *1979: Smashing Pumpkins wrote a song about this year.

Apparently a lot of big floods--PA, CT, MA, NJ, NY, RI, TX, FL;
*3 Mile Island Meltdown;
*YMCA sues the Village People for libel because of their song of the same name
*ESPN starts broadcasting.
*Women surpassed men in college enrollment.
*Pluto moves inside Neptune's orbit for the first time since either planet was known to science.
*Iranian Islamic Revolution ends co-education and secularism, produces “big brain drain;”
*The Susan B. Anthony one-dollar coin is introduced in the US.
*Iran hostage crisis

5. Existentialism on Prom Night (Straylight Run), Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave), Soul Meets Body (Death Cab for Cutie).